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Spelling Games

Detective Have the child’s list of spelling words in front of you both.  Take it in turns to choose a word from the list and give clues regarding the spelling of the word. These clues can be based on the graphemes used in the words, the syllables, vowels, or applicable rules. Each person can have […]

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Little child play with book

Help! My Child Can’t Read

When your child is having difficulty with reading and spelling it is difficult to know which of the myriad of programs that are available would be the most beneficial.  To help make this decision, I believe it is worthwhile looking at the research and using this as the starting point. The first question you need […]

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Reading to child

Reading to Children Does NOT Teach Them to Read

There have been many claims over the years that by reading to children they will learn to read with minimal assistance.  Similarly, teachers will often recommend to parents that if their child is struggling to learn to read, then they need to spend more time reading to their child. To all those parents who have […]

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