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Image tree

Create an Image Tree

Descriptive language describes a person, object or place in such a way that the reader is able to visualise the image in the same way as the writer. It requires the writer to pay close attention to details using all the senses: Taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. Writers use a range of techniques to […]

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Mind Map

Improving Written Expression

    Improving the writing skills of students having difficulty in this area is not easy.  There are several key components underlying students’ writing difficulties:     A failure to plan and effectively organise their writing. Difficulty in writing a sufficient quantity of text to effectively express their ideas. This can be further compounded by […]

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Increasing Creativity

Underpinning effective writing is creative thinking. The following activities have been shown to be effective for developing creativity. When you do these activities with children, keep it fun and join in, offering your ideas as well. Alternative Uses The Alternative Uses test was developed by J.P. Guilford in 1967. In the test situation, you have […]

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Cause for Concern

Writing to Improve Reading

Many students are still leaving high school with poor literacy skills. These students are subsequently at a disadvantage in successfully pursuing higher education, securing reasonable employment and participating fully in all aspects of society.  Although the following are USA statistics, the situation is very similar in Australia. Graham and Herbert (2010) argued that writing is […]

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Written Feedback

A common lament among teachers is the fact that students don’t seem to apply the feedback they are given, whether that feedback comes from peers or teachers. In terms of student feedback, this is most likely because the feedback provided lacks specificity. In terms of teacher feedback, it is probably because there is no reason […]

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