Jacqui Kirkman

Jacqui KirkmanJacqui Kirkman
B.A., Grad Dip. T., M.Ed.
(25 years teaching experience)
Camp Hill, Queensland
Ph: 0403 964 796


Parent Reviews

Lily was rapidly falling behind with her reading compared to her peers and this was affecting her ability to undertake a lot of tasks in the classroom and eroding her self-esteem. Within about 2 months of using the Cracking the Code system with Jacqui, Lily had reached the expected reading standard for her age and grade. Lily has more effective word attack skills now, and I have skills to be able to assist her by referring to pictures associated with sounds. Jacqui is an experienced and family friendly educator. She has built a warm rapport with Lily and allows her to tell funny little stories from the day, and understands where her strengths lie. I have felt relieved to be able to have Jacqui as a sounding board on educational matters from great apps to use to when I might expect Lily to be able to grasp a concept on the developmental and age appropriate level. I couldn't recommend Jacqui more highly.

Molly Flanagan   

Jacqui has been great for helping Zoe build her confidence with decoding. It has really helped to have someone who understands Zoe's challenges and it takes stress away from me being the only person helping Zoe. Jacqui has kept it enjoyable, using Zoe's interests to help along the way. Jacqui is highly organized and always goes out of her way to meet Zoe's needs. We highly recommend her!


John's confidence has grown with the introduction of Cracking the Code. It enables John to decipher words and spell correctly with the use of pictorial aids, rules and revision. This should improve his results in exam situations which is where he needs the most assistance.


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