Helen Hastie

Helen HastieHelen Hastie
Dip.Teach,  B.Ed, Cert. TEFL
(20 years teaching experience)
Duncraig, Western Australia
Ph: 043 992 3906


Parent Reviews

We were first introduced to Helen when our daughter was in pre-primary and she needed some assistance with pronunciation of certain words. At the start of year 1 Helen has suggested that we start the ABC code. The improvements that we can see as a result of Helen's tutoring through this programme have been fantastic.

Helen has an incredible passion, patience, commitment and ability to help children learn in a fun way.

We would highly recommended Helen. Thank you so much.

Zoran & Ana

Zoran & Ana   

Helen has been a great support and help to my Daughter. Her patience and persistence has truly had a wonderful impact on my Daughter understanding and recondition of the ABC's and she has reached the point of "cracking the code". It's rear to see someone that is so passionate and committed to helping children achieve their goals. A massive thanks goes to Helen for all she has done for my Daughter and for us as a Family by also educating us on the appropriate mechanisms and strategies on how we as parents can guide and assist our child.

I will highly recommend Helen for your child.



Helen has been the most patient and supportive tutor for our son. Her individualised multi sensory approach made the work fun and enjoyable, something he looked forward to each week. We saw results very quickly after we started and continual progress throughout his time with her. Helen’s dedication, patience & caring makes for such a productive, enjoyable learning environment. Highly recommend her tutoring services!!
Lara Meyer-Atkins

Lara Meyer-Atkins   

Helen has amazing patience and been absolutely brilliant with our daughter who really struggled with her reading and writing.
The ABC code works really well for our girl as this program make sense of the words rather than simply memorising the spelling as they are expected to do at school. She has improved massively and is no longer behind. She even got a B in one area! She loves the one on one attention she gets from Helen who is fantastic in utilising our daughter's creativity in the learning process. I can't recommend Helen enough!


Helen has been an absolute gift to our family. Both our children were facing different learning needs - one with hypermobility and proprioceptive challenges and the other with anxiety resulting in cognitive blocking. We arrived to Helen a bit lost.
Helen went above and beyond to assist with care for each individual. She opened our world back up to a way of learning which assisted both children dramatically. Her patience, fun loving nature, support and flexibility with each child's needs is well above what we could ever have hoped for and it put us on a path which I am sure will continue to be a life long love of learning.
I think as parents we just want our kids to be happy and enjoy learning - Helen brought that into our lives and it set the pace to move forward.
Which, in turn, helped the whole family unit.
I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, regardless of your child's circumstances.


We first came across ABC Cracking the Code through a friend who was using this program and told us about it when we were in need of some help for our 9yr old.
Our son was not at the level he should have been but after what I would say is a demanding but necessary program, he made headway and an improvement in reading and understanding of literacy concepts with a very patient Helen.
Along with other difficulties, as a parent you want your child to focus/concentrate/sit still/look interested etc and it can be frustrating but Helen always looked beyond his fidgeting, "boredom" etc and I believe this is also why the program works, a commitment from Helen and her knowledge has helped improve his reading. He still needs help with some of his literacy but he has improved and will continue to do so.
Thank you Helen for your help not only with E but also for your information and next steps to take with him and with Miss T who is no doubt on her way to great results too.


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