David Kilpatrick

Phonological Awareness & Intervention

The following post has kindly been contributed by Dr David Kilpatrick. Dr Kilpatrick is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the State University of New York College, Cortland and a New York State Certified School Psychologist with the East Syracuse-Minoa Central School District. He is an expert and experienced clinician in reading assessment and intervention, […]

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e goes away

Spelling Rules Rule

        If you are not a particularly good speller, the more spelling rules you know and understand, the better your spelling becomes because it gives you a framework to determine the most likely spelling of a word and this is supported by a growing body of research (see the references below).  Yes, […]

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‘le’ or ‘al’???

When you hear /l/ at the end of a word with more than one syllable, it is often difficult for children to know whether to write ‘l’, ‘ll’, ‘le’, ‘el’ or ‘al’. However, with some orthographic knowledge it is possible to deduce which is the most likely letter combination. ‘ll’ is most commonly used at […]

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Reading with Fluency and the Importance of Punctuation.

Fluency is a crucial reading skill. It is the ability to rapidly and accurately decode words and understand the words once they have been decoded. If a student cannot read with fluency, it means all their mental energy is being expended on the decoding task, leaving little mental energy for understanding the meaning of the […]

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