Multisensory Reading Program Level 3A (American Version)


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The Multisensory Reading Program Level 3A is an introductory 25 unit course which systematically introduces the more complex phonemes and their common graphic forms using a multisensory format.   It consists of 6 interlinking sections: General Knowledge, Phoneme and Vocabulary Development, Comprehension, Oral Reading and Syllabication.  The program has been designed so that each section complements and reinforces the other sections and utilizes techniques based on current literacy and memory research.  It is assumed that students know the basic sound-symbol relationship of the alphabet and have some knowledge of the more common digraphs.  Consequently, it is recommended that students have a reading age of at least 6.06 years to 7.00 years.

This is the American version.  Please note there is also an Australian version.

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