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Maths & Literacy

Richard Lamb is an assistant professor of science education measurement at Washington State University and the director of a unique classroom in which all the students and the teacher are ‘wired’ to a computer which actively records their brain functioning.. In one study, Lamb used the brain imaging of teachers and students to evaluate the […]

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Using Poetry as a Teaching Tool

  Dehart (2019) suggests that before using poetry as a teaching tool, it is important to discuss and define poetry and in particular make a connection between poetry and song lyrics, to which students appear to unanimously respond. The following is an outline of Dehart’s steps when using poetry as a vehicle for teaching complex […]

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teacher reading

Reading Aloud is Important

Two important components of reading comprehension are background knowledge of a wide range of topics and a rich vocabulary. Reading aloud, especially interactive reading aloud, to children is an effective strategy for developing this knowledge and is even more critical for pre-readers and for children who find reading difficult. Wright (2019) suggests that interactive reading […]

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Digging Deeper

What do you do when your children spell a word incorrectly or ask you how to spell a word?       Do you: Tell them how to spell the word? Write the word correctly for them? Tell them to look at the word and see where it is wrong? Tell them to look it […]

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Writing systems

Understanding Written Language

This post provides an overview of Rastle’s (2019) article, Writing Systems, Reading and Language, in which she argues that  written language has diverged from spoken language, communicating different information. Understanding this divergence is arguably key to effective reading and spelling instruction. In classic Greek and Latin, writing was seen as a direct representation of the […]

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