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Reading to child

Reading to Children Does NOT Teach Them to Read

There have been many claims over the years that by reading to children they will learn to read with minimal assistance.  Similarly, teachers will often recommend to parents that if their child is struggling to learn to read, then they need to spend more time reading to their child. To all those parents who have […]

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Current research by Malpique and Veiga Simao (2019) shows that using mnemonics is an effective strategy for increasing writing quality, the development and organisation of ideas, and the language clarity of students’ persuasive writing. The use of mnemonics is commonly used in classrooms. However, from an intervention perspective often students are not provided with sufficient […]

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Seven Keys to Explanations

In his book, How To Explain Absolutely Anything to Absolutely Anyone: The art and science of teacher explanation, Andy Tharby suggests that there are 7 keys to effective explanation: 1. Strong subject knowledge Teachers need to be able to understand and explain the ‘micro’ (specific skills and knowledge related to a topic or subject) within […]

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Increasing White Matter

The brain consists of approximately 50% of grey matter and 50% of white matter. If you think of the brain as a computer, the grey matter (nerve cells) of our brain is the computer and the white matter is the cables that connect everything together and transmit signals. Recent studies have identified features of the […]

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