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Reading to Children Does NOT Teach Them to Read

There have been many claims over the years that by reading to children they will learn to read with minimal assistance.  Similarly, teachers will often recommend to parents that if their child is struggling to learn to read, then they need to spend more time reading to their child. To all those parents who have […]

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Increasing White Matter

The brain consists of approximately 50% of grey matter and 50% of white matter. If you think of the brain as a computer, the grey matter (nerve cells) of our brain is the computer and the white matter is the cables that connect everything together and transmit signals. Recent studies have identified features of the […]

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Neural Shaping-2

Brain Development and Reading Instruction

This post is a summary of Van de Walle de Gheicke, Rossion and Lochy’s (2018) study investigating the impact of different approaches to teaching reading on the development of neural circuits. Background It is known that adult expert readers have a highly automated, rapid and accurate recognition of words that integrates their knowledge of the […]

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Reading Difficult Text: It’s OK to struggle

How do you help students who are struggling to read classroom texts while preventing them from becoming disengaged? Should we be providing these students with easier texts to facilitate comprehension and learning or should we be helping students read these difficult texts because if these students are only exposed to short sentences and simple vocabulary […]

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Developing Letter Knowledge

Learning the basic sound represented by each letter of the alphabet is a critical component of developing literacy. In reading, students must learn to differentiate letters from one another, many of which are very similar in appearance (e.g., m/n/h) and in some cases identical when rotated (e.g., b/d/p/q). In writing, students must learn the sound […]

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