Julie Tasker

Julie Tasker

Julie Tasker
Accredited Queensland Trainer/Representative
Dip.Ed, B Prim Ed, Dip SpLD
(15 years teaching experience)
Petrie, Queensland
Ph: 0415 812 828


Parent Reviews

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Holley. She has learn so much in the short time she has been coming to you. You are a very interesting lady that is very knowledgable and professional. We are going to miss seeing you every week. Thanks again for all your help. Take care lovely cheers Raylene and Holley


So impressed with the way Julie was able to engage Isaac in learning and his improvement is out of sight. I was concerned that Isaac would be overwhelmed with the extra work on top of his year 4 school homework. He made it work and we tried to make it fun. One thing we did was buy some window paint pens. We did spelling words all over the windows at home and it also assisted in getting him to hold his pen in the correct position. Being left handed he held his pen in a very awkward position which was limiting the speed that he wrote. Teachers at school always told me it wasn't a problem and he would correct it himself. This was something Julie identified straight away and with just 2 sessions with an OT and new practices put in place we were able to modify it. Make it fun and they will engage. So worth doing, highly recommend Julie even if you just wanted to do the testing and see where your child it at. Thanks so much Julie, will miss cuddles with my favorite fury friend!

Shelley Lovelock   

Julie is wonderful. our son was years behind and in the past 15 weeks we are now only a year and half behind. It is a wonderful program that the he loves doing and is not a struggle to to everyday. We are so happy with the improvement and he is happy as well. Thank you so much.

Emma Klasen   

Our daughter was struggling at school and ALL the teachers said "oh she'll catch up, they always do". But I knew it wasn't right! Her self confidence was deteriorating at such a fast pace... Until we met Julie! She let our beautiful girl release her frustration in our first meeting and then guided her through her feelings of inadequacy with such positive reinforcement ... and made it all seem like fun. She has come ahead in leaps and bounds with Julie. It's been hard work but SO worth it !

Erica Walker   

I just would like to comment on this fantastic program ABC Cracking the Code. I have two young boys, aged 10 and 6. When we first went along to Julie they were both really struggling to even recognise letters and sounds. For both of the boys it was extremely hard for them to try to read. Their confidence was very low and they were slipping behind at a very fast pace. I was recommended by a friend to Julie. Let me say....Julie has been Amazing for us. Since we have been doing the program, we are so thrilled at how quickly they have improved.....and yes they are both READING so well. I would not have thought this could be possible in the amount of time we have been seeing Julie. We are just so grateful. The program is fun for them, we have been committed and it is absolutely worth it. We would love to thank Julie for all the time, effort, and dedication you put into teaching these struggling children. Truly forever grateful.

Dearne Allen   

Julie, we are so thankful that you came into our lives. After Mitchell completed his Naplan grade 3 and with a distinct difference to his report cards we saw an urgent need for Mitch to go back to basics. Faced with busy schedules and split parenting albeit the hard work isn't finished after 6mths Mitchell has improved by circa 2 years from where he was and for this we are appreciative. Mitchell's confidence, willingness to learn has improved out of sight and I thank you. Yes, we have been supporting Mitch throughout the week but the process has been very easy to follow and for that I thank you. Another huge pick up from you was the need for Mitchell to obtain glasses and your guidance and recommendation to see an Optometrist has paid dividends. You are an exceptional teacher who shows patience, support and empathy. Mitchell enjoys coming to you on Mondays - thanks again

Steve Dionysius   

Our daughter was struggling with reading. We didn't know how to help her. Reading more books wasn't the answer. Julie was highly recommended to us from a couple of sources. She is an excellent tutor and has helped our daughter make significant gains in her reading through the Cracking The ABC Code, an outstanding reading program. We are indebted to Julie. Her lessons are enjoyable and focussed. Most importantantly, she has truly made an enormous difference to our daughter's reading ability and overall confidence.

Anna Sorensen   

We knew our son was Dyslexic and we could see that he was falling behind other kids with his reading and spelling in his grade 3 class. I was at a loss of what to do…Then after talking with another Mum who had been in the same situation she recommended Julie. The results that have been achieved are amazing in the short time we have been going. His spelling and reading has improved immensely which has given him confidence, as he loves books. This program and Julie have been incredible for my son and I look forward to continuing the journey.

Joanne Rutledge   

My daughter needed help with her spelling and reading. Her teachers classed her as an average student and that she was doing fine. We knew we needed to do something to help her. She was loosing interest in school and was exhausted from trying so hard to keep up. We knew that more could be done to give her the help and support she needed. Julie was recommended to us. Our daughter is more confident now and able to apply the skills and techniques Julie has taught her. She has greatly improved within a very short period of time. Julie is an encouraging, approachable and professional teacher. Thank you Julie.


Our youngest child never appeared to keep pace with classroom learning. My concern was the problem seemed to be getting worse each year, and as a parent you just want the best for your child.
Julie is knowledgable, a professional and has assisted our son to develop the skills he needs to learn in today's classroom setting. But most importantly in a way our child enjoys.
Within a short period of time we have seen great improvement.
Thank you Julie

Ann Foster   

Julie is amazing! At the beginning of Year 1 we realised our daughter was struggling to read and Julie was recommended to us. Julie did an assessment and it was not the best our daughter could only just spell her name! Julie introduced her to learning in a fun way that made sense. The workbooks, Cracking the ABC Code teamed with Julie's awesome teaching style have enabled a very positive outcome. My daughter is now at the end of Year 1 yet her skills are well into Year 2 this has taken hard work and commitment yet totally worth it. I've also learnt alot from Julie (other than verbs & nouns!) that not every child can learn from the mainstream schooling system yet there are options out there.

Sheree Hay   

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