Libby Gerritsma

Libby GerritsmaLibby Gerritsma
B.Ed., SPELD Accredited
(6 years teaching experience)
Forest Lake, Queensland
Ph:  0400 775 449



Parent Reviews

Libby is a consummate professional who has significantly improved by child’s ability to read. I would recommend her highly and without reservation.

Dr Lisa Brice   

Libby was an outstanding tutor for my son struggling with Year 4 and attention/working memory learning differences. Libby took the time to build rapport and was able to significantly boost my son's confidence. He received a certificate at assembly last week for "Great Reading Comprehension" This is his first award this year. I put it down to Libby's teaching ability and cracking the code methodology.

Danielle Kavanagh   

Libby has been tutoring my 7 year old son for the past 5 months using Cracking the ABC Code. In this time dramatic improvements have been made, not only with his reading and writing ability but his self confidence, working memory and love of learning.

Libby's calm, reassuring and positive nature has kept Tom focused and interested in the work at hand. He looks forward to their weekly sessions.

Our family is so glad we found Libby.

Krista Webb   

We are using this program for my 10 year old son who is the youngest in his class and needs some assistance to help him advance with his peers before he starts high school in 2 years. We live in remote NE Victoria, and we have been able to sign up for the program using Skype and an interactive whiteboard teaching platform. The resources are excellent. With Skype, we can create a classroom setting, in the comfort of our own home and I can still supervise my other children whilst helping Harry and Libby with their lesson. It works beautifully. The lessons flow very well and the teaching style is very interactive. It's great to see Harry enjoying himself and learning at the same time.

Annabel Nolan   

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