Linda Reedman

Linda Reedman

Linda Reedman
Dip.T. (Early Childhood), B.Ed. (Special Needs), M.Ed. (Learning Difficulties)
(30 years teaching experience)
Casuarina, NT
Ph: 0448 676 247


Parent Reviews

We first came across the "Cracking the ABC code" program through a friend in Perth when I was in need of some help and felt I had failed as a mum. I was over seeing my child thinking he wasn't smart and the school making me feel as though we weren't doing enough. My son had moved schools and unfortunately when we had moved, my son was not at the level that the other children in his class were at. Due to his own strength he tried his best but his confidence was diminishing and we needed to take action. We tried a speech therapist for 6 months but found that our son had a great memory but really wasn't getting the concepts which reflected in his reading as he was improving but at a slow rate. Once our son started the "Cracking ABC code", it wasn't easy, the program is demanding on US as parents but also on our son. We went through melt downs, tears and the question why are we putting this much pressure on our kids (he was only 6 1/2) but within weeks we saw that our hard work had paid off, we saw results! Thanks to Christine (WA).

We then moved back to Darwin, where we continued the program and meet Linda.

From the moment we meet Linda, our son excelled. Linda is an amazing teacher and even though I had seen results first hand coming from Perth which was amazing, Linda took my son to another level. Linda's skill set and experience brought my son's confidence level back to the point that I had my old son back. Linda is a person that really honestly cares about your child and BELIEVES in them. She is patient, has a huge heart and goes beyond the program to address all areas that my child needed extra help with. It has definitely been worth every cent.

Linda also helped me personally and I really can't thank her enough for the support she also gave me and the encouragement.

My son is now doing well in school, still needs some help on his reading but has narrowed the gap to the point that he had the confidence to get up in front of the whole school and participated in a short play where he had to read aloud. He amazes me..

I would highly recommend the program and Linda to any family that needs that extra help especially in the areas of reading, writing,spelling and comprehension. Linda has been a god sent. Thanks again Linda

Dianne Prest   

Linda is one of the most amazing teachers I have had the pleasure of interacting with. I would highly recommend the ABC Cracking the Code program and the NT teacher Linda Reedman for any parent with a child struggeling with their reading, writing, spelling and punctuation.
Linda’s calm relaxed nature is welcoming and reassuring for students, our daughter was really struggeling with her literacy and not a confident person. We saw our daughter grow not only in her literacy but in her own personal confidence, our hearts nearly missed a beat as we watched our daughter standing in front of her peers reading with confidence.
Our daughter at first struggled with the work required in the program, this didn’t last long as she saw just how she was growing and learning with leaps and bounds. What started off as a challenge became an enjoyable activity we didn’t have to encourage her to complete the work, she was asking us to sit with her to complete her work.
Linda further recommended other additional resources for our daughter to continue to grow and develop. We are so grateful for Linda’s guidance, patience and expertise as a teacher and her delivery of the ABC Cracking the Code program. A million times thank you.


After having not much luck with other dyslexia programs and after attending "Cracking the ABC code" workshop, we decided to join the program presented by Linda Reedman. Our daughter is currently 11years and has had ongoing struggles with reading,writing and spelling through her primary school career.
Linda and J had almost an instant connection, due to Linda's experience by creating a very welcome and tranquil approach and work environment. Initially J would be fidgety, easily distracted, somewhat reluctant to get into her work - Linda was able to create a relaxed atmosphere, encourage her with more focus, grow her enthousiasm and confidence.
After the first lesson J walked out of the lesson with a spring in her step and a smile on her face for the rest of the weekend. " She finally felt understood and not alone".
After various lessons we have come leaps and bounds, J 's reading and writing has improved well, but we are definitely not there yet.
Linda has also made recommendation for followup training and will go at great length to stay in touch and provide support and advise.
Linda has become a wonderful mentor and friend for life for J. We have no qualms but to highly recommend Linda with her specialised training to assist any child with reading, writing and spelling concerns.

Kind regards, Yanca

Y L Neut   

We began attending weekly sessions with Linda with a child who was very resistant to reading. At nine years old, and only recently discovered dyslexia, our daughter had entrenched avoidance behaviours and low self esteem related to reading and writing. These combined to make school a stressful environment for her everyday.
With Linda's with care, kind words, guidance and gentle humour our daughter grew in confidence and felt safe enough to take the risks and try. Linda assisted her with techniques and strategies that allowed her to do it herself. There were some very challenging times along the way which Linda helped us through. Linda personalised the sessions specifically to the needs of our daughter. It was obvious that she put both time and effort into helping our daughter.


I was referred to Linda by my daughter's speech therapist. We decided then to stop the speech therapy and start the "Cracking the ABC code" program. My daughter had been resistant with the speech, however within a few weeks Linda had built up a good relationship with her and the improvement we started to see was amazing. We could see Chloe's confidence grow with each week, from hating "nonsense" words, to being able to pronounce them. We have been stunned by her improvement, where she is now reading above her year level. Linda was wonderful and was a great support throughout the program. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone who is seeking assistance with their child's reading/writing/spelling problems. Thanks.

Jo Day   

Thank you Linda, for encouraging me to learn more and work hard to achieve what I thought I could not. You made learning fun, I am confident that with the skills you taught me I will continue to grow and learn every day.
Thank you Sierra


Until Linda was recommended to me, I was a bit lost as to how I could help my daughter improve her reading. At the age of 6 she could barely read and after a year with Linda she is reading and getting more and more confident every day. Linda is a kind, patient and brilliant teacher. Her years of experience have given her a sharp insight into learning difficulties.
What makes Linda really stand out is her total commitment and caring. Children pick up on that and want to work with her.
I am happy to give her a reference any time.

Philip Anderson   

Linda is an amazing teacher, patient and firm. We started weekly sessions with our son, 9, who is experiencing challenges with reading and spelling. The progress that he has made in the past eight months has been wonderful. Cracking the ABC code program has been the breakthrough that we needed. Our son, now 10, is continuing his reading program and the love of reading continues to grow. We would wholeheartedly recommend Linda to anyone seeking assistance in cracking the code. We have been blown away by the transformation in our son and the progression he has made, now helping others in his class to sound out words.
Thank you Linda


In 8 months Linda has turned my 11 year old granddaughter's life around. She has gone from being illiterate to having a reading age of 8.7 years in this short time.
I have worked most of my life with children (and families) in community services and can't remember anyone more skilled than Linda as a child educator/therapist.
In particular Linda demonstrated remarkable skill in developing rapport, and applying micro skills in positive reinforcement keeping my "severely dyslexic" and "attention deficit" granddaughter totally engaged for 60 minute learning sessions.
It has blown me away to watch Linda in action but more importantly it has brought absolute joy (to me and our family) to see my granddaughter go from being at huge risk of total educational failure to being well on the way to achieving (at the very least) normal levels of developmental goals.
If you are worried about your child's educational development then you can go to Linda with complete confidence that you are providing the best possible remedial service available in the NT for your child.

Bill Caulfield.

Bill Caulfield   

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