Narelle Hose

Narelle Hose Narelle Hose
Dip T.,B.Ed., SPELD Accredited
(15 years teaching experience)
Redland Bay,Queensland
Ph: 0403 250 214


Parent Reviews

Over the past couple of years, our 11 year old son struggled with reading and comprehension at school. A friend of mine introduced my son and I to Narelle and that was the beginning of our success story. Initially our son resisted going to Narelle, however 18 months of tutoring, he now looks forward to his weekly session with Narelle. We started the ABC Cracking the Code earlier this year. It has been hard work for all of us, however the results to date have been excellent. Our son's confidence has soared he smiles with confidence when he achieves great results, where in the past he would have given up. A big thank you to Narelle for your ongoing help, encouragement and your bright smile.

Lyndsay Mackinder   

Being told your child is not at ‘grade level’ year after year is quite overwhelming to say the least. Meeting Narelle from Connect Literacy & Learning Centre was the best decision for both of my sons.
My eldest son had been diagnosed with dyslexia when he was in year three. Over the years I tried many different types of interventions to help him catch up. Both he and I was exhausted and saddened by the fact that not many things seemed to work. When he was in year 7, I decided to explore one more avenue, Connect Literacy & Learning Centre. Meeting Narelle was wonderful. The decision to use Cracking the ABC code supported his learning needs and by doing the program he finally started to grow in confidence and have the skills to read with accuracy and fluency. It has been wonderful as a parent to see him now in year 8 achieving above the expected level and wanting to borrow books from the local library.
When my younger son was in year two he also had areas of concerns in reading and literacy. I didn’t want him to fall further behind so the decision was easy to start him on a similar program. It does take a lot of work and dedication but it certainly pays off when you see them grow in confidence and try words they would otherwise give up on. Now in year three he is finally achieving at grade level and enjoying trying new books to read. It has truly been a blessing to come across Narelle and the type of program that has supported both my boys in their specific needs.

Corrina Hooiveld   

Our family was recommended to commence tutoring with Narelle when our son was in Year 1. Our introduction came through utilising the services of SPELD Qld. While at that stage our child was not officially diagnosed with dyslexia due to his age, we were 99% sure that he had a LD. It was heart breaking to see him struggle and flounder despite his 100% efforts. There was not a little boy who could not have tried harder for himself, his teachers or his parents but he just didn't seem to get anywhere. In Narelle we have found a dedicated, happy, supportive and caring specialist literacy teacher who our son adores. She takes the time to see him as a whole person, not just focusing on his literacy issues and makes his sessions enjoyable rather than a chore. We have been seeing Narelle for a weekly session for 3 years now, commencing Cracking the ABC code 12 months ago. While the program takes commitment from the child and caregivers, it is so well worth the effort. Our son's reading and spelling has improved in leaps and bounds, the program makes sense and the strategies are beneficial. We now have a little boy who will find a book and read next to us for pleasure instead of resisting all efforts because it was too hard. Please don't look back at your child's primary schooling years and think " I should have", find somebody special like Narelle for your child and help them navigate their way to the very best of their amazing abilities. Thank you Narelle! If we hadn't found you my husband and I often think we would still be battling a schooling system in QLD that doesn't really support dyslexic students. With your advice, teaching and support you have helped enable us to be able to advocate for our son and helped him build on his strengths. Please get in touch with Narelle at the Connect Literacy & Learning Centre, highly recommended!

AJ Mikanovic   

As a parent it is hard to see your child struggle. Everyday you can see that your child is working as hard as they can, but for some reason when reading a book, the connection from the book to brain gets lost. I was confused as to how I could improve this until a friend introduced us to Narelle. We are so blessed to have meet such a beautiful, caring and loving person. For the past year we have now been working once a week with Narelle on Cracking the ABC Code. The improvement has been amazing. If your child is struggling with schooling, I highly recommend you make an appointment ASAP, you won't regret.

Jacqui Taylor   

Our son wasn't progressing as expected at school and we weren't convinced with the response coming from his school. After taking things further we found out that he was dyslexic. Then we found Narelle!! Her ability to relate to, interact with, motivate and educate our son is amazing. Whilst also juggling the ups and downs that go with this LD. Also, her judgement with the pacing of the program is just great! We have already recommended Narelle's services and wouldn't hesitate to do so again. Our son has made fantastic progress and the improvement is quite noticeable. He works very hard to impress Narelle!! Many thanks.

Allan Greig   

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