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Parent Reviews

As you know, Suzy has completely changed from when she first began with you. She is now doing well in school, and as a result is happy to go. In some subjects she is almost top of her class, something she would never have been able to achieve as she lacked the ability to focus. Home life is now what I would consider normal, with Suzy settled and happy. Such an improvement, you have no idea!

We cannot thank you enough for the effort that you put in with her.

Mark & Dee   

Just wanted to let you know some very positive news for Luke with regard to his literacy. His teacher tested Luke on a PM 29 today and it was too easy for him - tomorrow he will be tested on a 30 which is as high as the PM levels go. Considering Luke started the year on level 24 this is a huge achievement, especially when one considers that it is much harder to move up levels from 25 - 30, moving up one or two levels being about the expected increment of improvement for a year. Thanks for all your help as Luke's improvement is largely due to your wonderful skills.


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