Jacinta Crinion

Jacinta Crinion


Jacinta Crinion
B.Ed. Dip. Chn’s Services
(8 years teaching experience)
Ellenbrook, Western Australia
Ph: 0438 301 984


Parent Reviews

My daughter was really struggling with her reading and writing and was extremely behind at school.
Since starting with Jacinta, she has improved dramatically at school, jumping 4 spelling levels and 3 reading levels. Jacinta explains everything very clearly and has the patience of a saint with my daughter, who can be incredibly stubborn!
The best part of this programme for me, is watching my daughters confidence and self esteem sky rocket. I would definately recommend this programme to any parent.
Jacinta has been an absolute God send for both my daughter and myself.

Jodie Richards   

We decided to start the program with Jacinta as my son was really struggling with Writing and Reading at school.
Jacinta is such a caring and patient teacher. Her communication with us was amazing, keeping us up to date with our sons progress after each session and she was always very positive with her comments. She was always available to ask a question or explain something further if we needed.
My sons reading and comprehension have improved dramatically. He completed the program throughout the Christmas holidays and when he returned to school in Term 1 we were so happy to find his Lexile score had increased. The program has done wonders with improving his confidence and approach to school.
Thank You Jacinta!!


My daughter started tutoring with Jacinta Crinion from Cracking the ABC program seven months ago. Jacinta is very patient, kind and caring person. Jacinta noticed early on problems with her focus, eye tracking and concentration. Jacinta provided a list of specialist details which we were required to see. This proved extremely useful in the diagnoses of ADD, dyslexia and prescription glasses. Jacinta put our daughter on a Multisensory Reading Program and it has worked wonders. My daughter went from only being able to read a few words to reading whole books by herself now. Consequently her spelling has also improved due to knowing spelling rules and graphemes. Her confidence has improved and she looks forward to reading now. Jacinta is a fantastic tutor and mentor. I would highly recommend her.

Wanda Thomas   

My son has recently finished a term with Jacinta. He improved his spelling and reading by a full grade at school in only one term. The greatest thing I notice was the improvement in his attitude to school, especially when he would tell me "How well he understood school today". He has been caught reading in his own time as well.
I was so impressed that my daughter is in the middle of her tutoring with Jacinta now. When finished my next daughter is ready to go as well.
Even if your child is performing well both the parent and student will learn something.

Michael Bratovich   

Jacinta worked with my son on two different Cracking the ABC Code programs. My son has improved beyond recognition. Along with doing the book work each week Jacinta would teach him a new spelling rule, something that she knew he struggled with. She became our friend and someone we could trust and receive advice from when it came to my children’s education. Within our first meeting she picked out learning difficulties that had not been recognised by my sons school in the four years he had been there. To say I value her opinion and extensive knowledge is an understatement. My daughter is now starting the program with Jacinta and I cannot wait to see the outcome. I highly recommend Jacinta and the Cracking the ABC Code program for any child that needs that little bit of extra help outside the school system.


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