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B.A., B.Ed.
Greenwood, Western Australia
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We have been seeing Jenny for a year now. We initially joined on recommendation from a friend as my son's comprehension, spelling, writing and reading were all well below his year level. This, coupled with the fact that he had been diagnosed with inattentive ADHD, an extremely poor working memory and was one of the youngest in his class, had started to make school life tough for him.

Jenny frankly has the patience of a saint and her kindness, warmth and positivity has contributed enormously to my son being willing enough to come back each week and put in all the hard work that is required for this program. His spelling, writing, comprehension, sounding out process and reading have all improved significantly and he is now measuring in some cases, 2 years above his actual age for certain units.

Whilst this program is VERY different to the way I learnt English as a child, I am happy to say that he is thriving and is now in the top 30% of the class for his reading whereas before, he couldn’t even put two sentences together before getting lost somewhere in the text. We still have a long way to go, but Jenny has been a godsend for us and we are very grateful for all the hard work she has put in with him. It’s just a shame that she can’t duplicate herself into a math tutor as well!

Thanks Jenny you have been brilliant!


I just wanted to touch base and thank you once again for all the work you did with Mackenzie. We have just had parent interviews and she is doing really well. Her English teacher told us she is second top in her class this year. She is really enjoying high school and is thriving.


Jen did an amazing job tutoring my son, he has now caught up to his peers and is much more confident in his own abilities. Jen's patience and kindness to my son was very much appreciated and I would highly recommend her to anyone that may have a child struggling with literacy.


Jen worked with our child and achieved such great success. Jen's warm approach put our child at ease and made each lesson fun and engaging. We cannot thank Jen enough for her consistent approach to the teaching our child. Thank you.

D&E Capolingua   

We can't recommend Jenny highly enough, her down to earth way of teaching is truly amazing.Our son Isaac has improved all round and shown in his mid year school report.
Thanks again
Damian, Carmen and Isaac


Jen is an amazingly warm and nurturing person. She put our daughter at ease immediately and was able to build rapport quickly to enable a positive learning environment. Jen was very transparent and provided feedback throughout the process. The reports provided at both the beginning and end of the learning contract were very helpful and informative. We were so pleased with the improvements made by our daughter at the end of the 12 week program and would highly recommend Jen’s services to anyone looking to build confidence in their child

Sonia Moon   

Jen has literally changed my 11 year old son’s world!! We have been with Jen since the day my son received a Dyslexia diagnosis 3 years ago. Her patience and genuine desire to support, encourage and teach her students is obvious at every single session. Equally, her support for parents during the ups and downs sets her above the rest. Two years ago my son barely rated in his NAPLAN results for reading, we just received his latest results and he rated ABOVE the school and national average. Whilst it is exciting to show my son that his hard work has paid off, I can’t find the words or the metrics to measure what the program and specifically Jen have done to improve my son’s anxiety due to his classroom struggles. We were so appreciative to have found such an incredible program and literacy teacher in Jen at a time we needed it most! I can’t recommend her highly enough!!

Sarah Humphries   

I cannot recommend Jennifer McAullay highly enough! Not only is Jen kind and caring with a beautiful nature, her depth of knowledge and her understanding, patience and encouragement is outstanding! My daughter has improved in all areas of English, with a huge improvement in reading, comprehension and spelling. Thank you for your patience and for explaining things easily and sometimes after hours and on the weekends via texts when we were confused! As my daughter said 'Jen knows how to explain it better!'. Thank you Jen you are awesome and we are now looking forward to starting the next school year with confidence!


Jen, you do an amazing job and you've helped us to change Phoebe's education pathway to be a much smoother road. We see that she feels more confident in her school work and she now has a solid foundation she can build on. Plus, she knows what she can achieve for HERSELF with hard work.

Thank you for all your hard work, support and encouragement. We certainly made the BEST choice to ‘catch’ Phoebe up in the shortest time by working with you.

You are an excellent teacher and your ability to help parents teach the program to their children is a testament to your skills. Yes, there were times of struggle for us to get the work done but you just kept being wonderful each week and it inspired me to persevere.

A huge thanks and we look forward to keeping in touch and ‘checking in’ over the coming year.

Louise Love   

Thankyou Jen for the way you approached spelling and compehension with Dylan. The 12 week program certainly gave him the boost he needed to gain confidence in his spelling. Most of all your patience and encouragement assisted with getting through the book each week and I was very proud that he took such a positive attitude towards getting it done. As this was now my second experience with cracking the ABC code as my eldest also participated and showed a great deal of maturity towards his work as he entered high school. Lastly and I think very importantly the school teachers were also very impressed as to just how thorough the program was and what was covered each week. As we know teachers have so much to cover in the classroom that there is no time for the 1 to 1 dedication which is where this progam is of such value. Thankyou Jen from both Joshua and Dylan.


Jen was absolutely fabulous with my son. His reading and spelling has improved considerably and he is now more engaged in the classroom because of the content of this program. Jen has taught my son the foundations of literacy and what she has taught him has stuck. Jen showed my son so much compassion and patience and I'm so grateful. Due to logistics we have changed teachers but we will stick with cracking the code because the results are lasting. My son was devastated to leave his favourite teacher Jen, we will miss her. Outstanding teacher and really thorough program.


My 9 year old Grace and I worked through 2 terms with Cracking the ABC code to support Graces spelling, vocabulary and comprehension development. This program's effectiveness is due to the carefully planned tasks that ensure a student doesn't just learn the spelling of a word but integrates this into their vocabulary and in doing so also develops an awareness of the rules of the English language using a range of multisensory approaches. The program also requires intensity and a sensitivity to the child's confidence and motivation levels and we received all this and more from Jen.
We hope to do another burst of the ABC code in 2015. Thanks Lil for such a wonderful literacy support package!!

Bron Fitzgerald, Speech Pathologist and mum   

Jennifer McAullay has been tutoring my son for the past 3 and a half years and in that time his reading and comprehension skills have greatly improved. Samuel has said that the skills he has learned about sounding out words has helped him in the classroom. Jen has been marvellous with Samuel and I am eternally greatful for the patience and encouragement she has shown him.
I highly recommend Jennifer McAullay as a tutor for the Cracking the ABC Code Program.
Allison Adriansz

Allison Adriansz   

Understanding & Caring: That is what Jennifer McAullay is. My son Stefan had been seeing her for roughly 3yrs. Stefan found school work a real challenge. Stefan's confidence has grown so much after sending him to Jen. His confidence in class has grown. Just the other day in class the teacher was teaching the class about syllabifications and no one put there hand up but Stefan remembered what Jen had taught him so he proudly put his hand up and answered the teacher. Stefan came home from school that day so proud and confident that he knew what the teacher was talking about and that was with thanks to the beautiful Jen. He proudly said to me "Mum I remembered what Jen taught me and I got it right" . We had sent Stefan to other tutoring places but I can say with 100% satisfaction that Jen was the only person that was able to help our son gain confidence within the class room environment. I would definitely highly recommend Jen for your child.


Our 10 year old son has struggled with learning for a number of years and after trying all different kinds of learning programs (some very expensive) and tutoring assistance we found Jennifer McAullay and Cracking the Code. Our son has gone from a child who would wake up in the morning and not want to go to school because he was struggling to a child who now asks me to buy him books! Jennifer is a fantastic teacher who offers a calm and relaxing environment for her sessions - it is not always easy working with a 10 year boy who has resisted the program at times but Jennifer does this with positive encouragement and praise - we are extremely happy with the support that she provides to our son and family - we highly recommend the program and Jennifer and look forward to continuing fabulous results in our son's reading and spelling which we have seen to date.

Marelle Titterington   

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