Louise Jorgensen
Louise Jorgensen
Dip. T.,  Grad, Dip, Applied Science
Mt Lawley, Western Australia
Ph: 0417 936 821

Parent Reviews

Louise is the most dedicated and patient tutor and really warmed to my son Isaac's heart. Isaac has difficulty concentrating at times and is some times too strong willed for his own good. Louise was caring and intuitive and guided Isaac to improve his reading and give him the skills and confidence he needed. Isaac loved playing games and showing off his skills. I would recommend Louise to anyone, especially those whose kids show signs of attention difficulties.

Susan Wemyss   

I thoroughly recommend cracking the ABC code as it is comprehensive effective program that includes all the components recommended by the American National Reading Panel Review for an effective literacy program. I would also highly recommend Louise as she is an excellent and patient tutor keeping my daughter engaged and effectively learning. My daughter has gone from getting a D in English to a B and her confidence has improved significantly. Thanks, so much Louise!


Louise is that primary school teacher you adored as a kid! She is patient and understanding, caring and compassionate, and she makes learning fun! After 18 months of working with Louise through various Cracking the ABC Code programs, my daughter's literacy skills have improved dramatically - when we started the program she was 4 years behind in some areas, but today she is up to 2 years ahead for her age, and that's after a diagnosis of dyslexia! It was a hard slog for a long time because my daughter's literacy skills were weak and she didn't enjoy all the homework, but the program makes so much sense and breaks things down into simple concepts that kids can understand. Having put the work in, my daughter now loves literacy and wants to do the next book at home on her own. Thank you so much to Louise, who has totally changed the trajectory of her academic life 🙂

Gabriela Lawrence   

It is difficult to know how to help your child. I had no knowledge or resource. The course was not what I expected and sometimes I didnt have the grammar background to know- but as Louise said "the kids know- it makes sense to the kids ¨ We arrived from Canada- behind and worried if we had dyslexia. My 8 year old son worked with Louise- she is kind and supportive of young boys- young boys who sometimes dont want to try because they cant and are easily distractible. She made it fun. It is very structured. You might not know what you are building to, but you are giving them very strong foundation blocks- blocks the kids understand and they build on. My son has gone from not being able to sound out words and struggling to read- with no knowledge of spelling in grade 2, to getting 100% in his last 8 spelling tests in grade 3. He is now an avid reader and becoming a little writer- we can hardly believe the change. It is hard work. Repetition and consistency and remarkably it clicked and I now have a strong speller and a boy who takes pride in his work at school. Totally worth the investment of your time and money. Louise is a lovely and wonderful teacher- I highly recommend!

Melinda Morris   

I can't express what a difference Louise and the Cracking the Code program has made in our lives. My 8 year old son has dyslexia and has always struggled with literacy. After three months of tutoring with Louise he has made amazing improvements, not only in his literacy but his confidence at school. His teacher commented to me that he has never seen such change in a child. The Cracking the Code program is for a parent that wants to be a part of the process. It requires dedication, hard work and persistence, with study required every day. But it is worth it! This program is the best money I have ever spent. I am so thankful we found Louise who is patient and supportive. I can’t recommend her enough. Ellen

Ellen Ceklic   

I would like to sincerely thank Louise for the work, time and patience she has put in with our 6YO daughter. After only completing half of her first course, my daughters reading and comprehension increase by over 1 year, putting her over a year above her age group. And my own has probably increased much more! My daughter had difficulty finishing work at school, but Louise's work has made all the difference, and she achieved 100% in her end of term literacy assessment. Not only is my daughter flourishing, our tutoring sessions with "Louisey" have fast become something we look forward to in out lives and has also given me the opportunity to spend dedicated time learning with my daughter which is so important. Louise's guidance, kindness and patience has been so appreciated and I would not hesitate to recommend. Many many thanks.

Jennifer Dean   

My daughter of 11 years has been struggling with reading, writing and spelling for many years and despite interventions including tutors and Speech Pathologists saw little improvement, resulting in her self esteem plummeting.
We have been seeing Louise for only 9 months and my daughter is showing significant improvement. Louise's knowledge and patient approach combined with the intensive and methodical approach of Cracking the ABC Code is turning my daughter's life around. Looking forward to continuing the journey next year
Thank you Louise for making a difference


My son has been seeing Louise for just over a year and it's amazing to see how far he has come. Harry was diagnosed with dyslexia in grade 3, being unsure of were to go and direction to take we were put intouch with Louise through a psychologist friend. Since seeing Louise and working though a couple of programmes Harry is now confident to read aloud in class and is producing some great readable written work. Louise has been really encouraging and nurturing and has be able to make Harry see how smart and cleaver he really is. It is so releaving to see Harry more relaxed and giving his school work ago without the anxiety he was showing before our weekly meetings with Louise.
Many thanks

Johanna Korczynskyj   

Committing to the Cracking the ABC Code programme is the best decision I have made in helping my son succeed at reading. I can not thank Louise enough for her dedication in helping my son Sam learn to read. Louise has built an amazing relationship with Sam, he now has a "can do" attitude and has achieved great success over the past year working with Louise. I would recommend Louise to anyone needing guidance and support in helping their child learn to read. Louise is an amazing tutor and a very caring person. Louise has not only helped Sam learn to read but to enjoy reading, I will be forever grateful!

Caterina Napoli   

Louise has made the difference in our 11 year old daughters grades and confidence. Holly struggled emotionally and technically and was discouraged with her low grades in with English and Math due to her Dyslexia. We have now gone through two programs with Louise with a result of Holly going from a D to a B in English and a D to a C in Math. Holly in 12 months has improved over 6 years in her reading age and 3 years in spelling age, her confidence is sky high and she is once again flourishing. I could not recommend Louise enough, her patience, encouragement and teaching methods are what has made the difference. You should be proud to make a difference for the kids of our future......Thanks Louise.


Louise has done a terrific job helping Jeremy with his spelling and reading. We were really excited when he received a merit certificate this week for getting 100% in his spelling tests. Louise has a great approach, which gave Jeremy the skills, confidence and attitude he needs to succeed.


Words can't describe how lucky and fortunate we are to have Louise as not only an incredible Tudor but a special friend who is always on hand for advise or chat. Louise is very good at getting the most out of my son Jacob. I find Louise to be very understanding and caring. Jacob has struggled with literacy and reading since grade 1. We have been seeing Louise now for nearly 3 years and wow what a difference it's has made! Jacob has improved so much! I have no hesitations in recommending this wonderful Tudor.


The third day of the week is no longer known as Tuesday. It is Louise Jorgensen Day. Such is the impact that Louise has had our family. Our grandson is bi-lingual but the foundation blocks in English were very weak. With her infinite patience and a high level of expertise as a teacher we have watched Louise encourage Tim to become more confident and willing to participate in the program. His reading age has improved and his use and understanding of words is growing. There is still a way to go but the blocks are getting stronger all the time and so are the smiles of achievement.

Michele McDonald-Williams   

My son struggled with reading, writing and spelling from year one onwards. He was seen by a speech therapist for one year then by an Occupational therapist for a year and while he made some progress he continued to struggle at school. And fall further behind. When I heard about cracking the ABC code I thought I would trial it and see how my son would respond. Louise was fantastic with Alex. At first he found it hard but with Louise's patience and encouragement he gained more confidence. She adapted the program to suit him and within 12 months he was spelling at his age group. His reading age improved and he was so much more confident at trying words he did not know. He is now in high school and enjoying his classes. Louise was wonderful in encouraging Alex when he found it hard, she was able to cheer him up and keep him working. I would recommend Louise and Cracking the ABC code to other parents whose children are struggling at school. It certainly has helped my child with his reading, writing and spelling. Thank you Louise for everything that you have done for Alex.

Irene Mtint   

Louise you are inspirational! You motivated, supported and encouraged our son Alexander to fulfil his potential. Fostering optimism and self confidence whilst sharing your knowledge. Louise's efforts, time and perserverance in teaching our son Alexander, the ABC Cracking the Code programme has touched our minds and hearts in a hundred ways she will never see or know. Louise is an outstanding role model and teacher and this is reflected in Alexander's journey in the pursuit of learning!

Lisa Ambrosino   

Working with Louise has unlocked doors for my daughter that we never dreamed were within our reach. We began with a little girl with low self esteem and diagnosed learning difficulties and now we have a confident child who is passionate about learning that works in range with her peers. Her approach has fostered this rapid progress and the program has the scope to support any student irrespective of the school's approach. We are so grateful to Louise for her guidance and support and look forward to her coming every week.

Emma Crean   

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