Sharon Milne

Sharon Milne

Sharon Milne
Literacy In Tuition
B.Sc. Grad. Dip.Ed. Grad. Cert. (Learning Difficulties)
(14 years teaching experience)
Padbury, Western Australia
Ph: 0403 300 986


Parent Reviews

At the end of year 2 my youngest son was telling me how dumb he was that he couldn't read or write . His confidence plummeted at school and he wouldn't even attempt to do his school work. At home we did extra work that his teacher gave us to help him but it did the opposite and his confidence hit an all time low . After having him assessed and finding out he had no learning disabilities the psychologist suggested a different method of literacy learning Cracking The ABC code. That is when we found Sharon Milne and she turned my sons life around . With her patience, understanding and this awesome literacy program my son soon started experiencing success in literacy . The Cracking the ABC code works it makes sense to those kids like my son that learn differently that conventional teaching allows. Sharon is a remarkable teacher who not only introduce us to this wonderful literacy program but had the mammoth task of building up my sons shattered confidence . We had tutoring sessions with Sharon for just over a year. My son is now 10 and in year 5 and just read his 26th novel for the year !!!!!!!!! The gifts this literacy program and Sharon have given my son will last a lifetime.

Anistatia R   

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