Sharon Milne

Sharon Milne
Literacy In Tuition
B.Sc. Grad. Dip.Ed. Grad. Cert. (Learning Difficulties)
Padbury, Western Australia
Ph: 0403 300 986

Parent Reviews

Half way through Year 4, we had to withdraw our daughter from school due to severe anxiety. We began homeschooling without much success. Our daughter was very reluctant to write and had lost all of her confidence with spelling and writing. Her self-esteem was at an all time low. We were recommended Sharon by a friend of ours and it was the best thing we did! Over the past year, Sharon has been so patient and compassionate with our daughter, who is now spelling and writing above year level. Her confidence has grown significantly and her reluctance to write has disappeared. Sharon even accommodated our younger daughter into her sessions during Covid lockdown to help her maintain her skills. The Cracking the ABC Code program is comprehensive and simple to understand and both of my daughters (one working at a remedial level and one working at an extension level) have improved their skills with writing so much. Sharon has made the world of difference to our daughter and we are forever grateful.

Gemma C   

My daughter (11 years) has dyslexia and has just completed a 12-week Cracking the ABC Code Literacy Program with Sharon and the progress she has made is remarkable. Sharon's professionalism, organisation, patience, and care have made her the best literacy specialist we've ever used. She really has been amazing, and I would highly recommend her to any parent of a child struggling with literacy.

Carly H   

At the end of year 2 my youngest son was telling me how dumb he was that he couldn't read or write . His confidence plummeted at school and he wouldn't even attempt to do his school work. At home we did extra work that his teacher gave us to help him but it did the opposite and his confidence hit an all time low . After having him assessed and finding out he had no learning disabilities the psychologist suggested a different method of literacy learning Cracking The ABC code. That is when we found Sharon Milne and she turned my sons life around . With her patience, understanding and this awesome literacy program my son soon started experiencing success in literacy . The Cracking the ABC code works it makes sense to those kids like my son that learn differently that conventional teaching allows. Sharon is a remarkable teacher who not only introduce us to this wonderful literacy program but had the mammoth task of building up my sons shattered confidence . We had tutoring sessions with Sharon for just over a year. My son is now 10 and in year 5 and just read his 26th novel for the year !!!!!!!!! The gifts this literacy program and Sharon have given my son will last a lifetime.

Anistatia R   

My 9 year old son has ADHD and has struggled with literacy during his time at school. We initially tried another program for a number of years, and while my son enjoyed it, we saw no tangible progress. We started with Sharon about 7 to 8 months ago and initially started with the 12 week program. It was a bit of work to start with as we all got used to the format, but it was completely worth it. The standardised testing Sharon did before and after the 12 week program showed enormous growth across the board. My son has also been showing impressive growth at school and has moved from below year level average to average for year level in this time. We still have a way to go, but have learnt a lot about our sons learning style and what support he needs to succeed. I have recommended Sharon to a number of friends with kids who need literacy support. She is very patient and cares about the kids she teaches.

Gloria Cicchini   

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