Father Helping Son With Homework Using Digital Tablet

Modelling Thinking Processes

  Higher order level comprehension requires you to evaluate and infer. However, these are very difficult skills to teach students. Modelling can often be a powerful means of helping students understand the thinking process underpinning comprehension. Thinking Aloud 1.       Plan ahead. Be familiar with the text and the teaching points you want to demonstrate. 2.       […]

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Dysgraphia is a Greek word: ‘dys’ meaning ‘impaired’, ‘graph’ meaning ‘to write’ and ‘ia’ meaning ‘the condition of’.  Dysgraphia, therefore, is a specific learning disability that affects writing. It can include difficulties with handwriting, spelling and/or expressing thoughts in writing (i.e., it can a language based and/or a non-language based disorder). Non-language based dysgraphia is […]

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The Power of Poems

Word recognition and reading fluency are essential skills for reading competency and both of these factors influence comprehension.  Poetry is a writing form that is infrequently used in the teaching of reading and yet it is well suited for teaching word recognition, fluency and comprehension. Many children, especially those who are struggling to learn to […]

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The Annoying Awkward Apostrophe

An An apostrophe looks similar to an old fashioned 9 flying in mid-air like a kite. It comes from the Greek word apostropos meaning ‘the omission of a sound or syllable’. Apostrophes are used to show: Contractions: Two words are combined into a shortened version pronounced as one word. The apostrophe is placed in the […]

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Adolescent reading

Teaching Adolescents to Read

A significant proportion of adolescents are not meeting basic bench marks for reading and spelling and this has not only long-term implications in terms of acquiring jobs and participating fully in society, but is also detrimental in the short-term impacting on students’ self-confidence and their ability to complete classroom tasks.  As well-respected academic Louise Moats […]

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