On-line Reading Level 3 Workshop Reviews


Completing the Level 3 Workshop seemed to pull everything together. I found Unit 5, Key Teaching Points, particularly useful as it really got down to the specifics of the spelling rules.

Toni Flanagan   

This is a wonderful resource. Explanations are clear with eloquent detail. Teaching videos clarify the process. Step by step lesson instruction is excellent. I particularly liked the breakdown in Unit 5 of all the graphemes and teaching techniques given. Lillian displays a thorough depth of understanding and knowledge of the structure of the English language in its written form. Thank you Lillian.

Judy Sakalidis   

Cracking the ABCode Level 3 Workshop is an excellent resource. The video component clarifies the detail of the explanations of the lesson sequence and the teaching techniques presented. I particularly congratulate Lillian on the spelling rules and the ease of which I can now incorporate them into lessons. Thank you Lillian

Carmon McFawn   

Excellent course.The explicit teaching videos are first rate.
Excellent knowledge of reading theory and the pedological basis the course is built on is first rate.
Would be an excellent course for all Primary teachers to complete.
I particularly liked the analogy of learning to read is like learning a musical instrument.
Lillian has put together a first rate course.


Lillian has a great way of explaining and providing visuals for rules and concepts that can be difficult for teachers and students to remember. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Lillian.


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