Small Group Programs

The Cracking the ABC Code small group programs are designed specifically for school use and aimed at students who are not performing at an optimum level in reading and/or spelling. The programs are phonic based, systematic, multisensory and incorporate key strategies from memory research. The programs are intended to be conducted in one hour sessions once a week. However, you could run 2 x 1 hour sessions a week, if you had the time, or alternatively split the one hour into two half hour time slots if that worked better. There is follow up homework, as this is an important part of retention for students who have literacy difficulties. However, the homework component is less intense than in the one-on-one programs and would be easily completed with the help of an Educational Assistant or parent volunteer for those children who didn’t have the necessary home support. Some schools have also chosen to work with students every day.

The programs come on three CDs (Levels 1, 2A and 2B on one CD, Levels 3A, 3B and 3C on the second CD and Levels 4A and 4B on the third ) in pdf format, licensed to the school. They are only available for purchase by schools and a condition of purchase is that school staff attend a compulsory three hour implementation workshop.

For further information and samples of the material, please email Lillian:

The following links provides support resources for schools who have purchased the programs.

Key Concepts

Level 1

Level 2

Levels 3 & 4