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We are so excited to be seeing students making 1,2,3, even up to 5 years growth! These are intervention students, many of whom have been making limited progress for some time. It is so exciting to see them finally making such wonderful gains! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We so appreciate your wonderful program and continued support, which has made such a positive impact as we try to more effectively diagnose student need and intervene with a targeted response.

Ladeane Lindsay
Learning Specialist - Literacy P-4
Myrtleford P12 College

Ladeane Lindsay   

Cracking the ABC Code is a programme that I have used with 5 small groups of students with reading and spelling difficulties, some of whom have a diagnosis of dyslexia, for 3 terms. I have found it a worthwhile addition to the Learning Enhancement Programme at our school.

Firstly, the training received was clear and sequential, and professional. Support is available as needed. The programme is designed for ease of use; simply print the BLM from the CDs and you are ready to start. It has ample flexibility of levels designed to meet the needs of students from Prep to Year 6, and could also be used with high-school students, in a tutoring situation.

Cracking the ABC Code addresses spelling difficulties using phonics from a basic level up to complex phoneme- grapheme studies. It uses generalisations, with visuals to support retention. Kinaesthetic learners are also catered for, through the spelling practice.

This programme also addresses reading difficulties, at a word level through phonics and segmentation. The syllabification process used in this programme has been simplified so that struggling readers can decode unfamiliar words. It is the first programme I have used that has adequately addressed this skill.

Another area in which my students have improved is reading fluency. Many of the activities are timed, and students are encouraged to use a ‘personal best’ approach, so that competition is not an issue. As a bonus, my students enjoy the fast pace and the variety of activities offered in each session. I will continue to use this programme.

Carmel Ailey
Learning Enhancement Teacher
Caboolture Montessori School, Queensland

Caboolture Montessori School, Queensland