The Multisensory Reading Program Level 2 books use a multisensory approach to teach students to instantly recognise the 30 most common digraphs (sh, ch, ee), one at a time, so they are able to rapidly decode familiar and unfamiliar words.

It is assumed that students using these books know the sounds of the alphabet.

Level 2A is a comprehensive 30 unit program for students with a reading age of under 6 years 2 months. In addition, 20 high frequency words (based on the Dolch word list) are introduced every two units. Previously introduced words are continually included in the text throughout the whole program, providing students with ongoing practice. Click on image to view sample.

Level 2B covers the same 30 digraphs, but uses more difficult vocabulary. It is designed for early readers, who have some basic reading vocabulary and a reading age of between 6 years 2 months through to 6 years 6 months. Click on image to view sample.

Multisensory Reading Level 2A
Multisensory Reading Level 2B
On-line Level 2 Workshop for Parents
On-line Level 2 Workshop for Teachers

It is strongly recommended that children using the Level 2 material also read from the Learn to Read decodable books for beginner readers so that they can apply the knowledge being learned in the Cracking the ABC Code Reading Program to reading real books.

sh, ch, th, ee, a-e, i-e, o-e, oo (moon), ng, er, ck, all, y (sunny), ar, oa, ay, ow(cow), ir, ea, ai, oy, or, ur, oi, ou, aw, ow (bow), ew, y (sky)

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Blank template Learn to Read books

Multisensory Spelling Reading 2A (Australian Version)

Multisensory Spelling High Frequency Words (Australian)

Editing Level 1

Level 2 Phonic Bingo

Jemma: 6 years 11 months

“Jemma loved the online lessons which were interesting and informative.  I was amazed at how easily Lillian made the complexities of teaching English simple and fun.  Within 3 months, Jemma’s confidence and literacy ability had increased immensely.” Melissa (Mother) – Mandurah WA.

Reading Accuracy Age:  Before:  >6 years  After: 7 years 2 months
Reading Comprehension Age:  Before: 6 years  9 months    After: 7 years 9 months
Spelling Age:  Before: 6 years 7 months   After:  7 years 9 months
Known graphemes:  Before: 10  After: 26
Number of lessons:  15


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