On-line Narrative Writing Workshop (Parents)

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The Narrative Writing Workshop for parents consists of 4 Units:

* Introduction to the Narrative Writing program

* Implementing the program in week 1

* Implementing the program in weeks 2 to 6

* Implementing the program in weeks 7 to 10 and applying the strategies more broadly.

 This workshop is designed specifically for parents wishing to teach the Cracking the ABC Code Narrative Writing program to their own child.  You will be provided with systematic, step-by-step instructions for effectively implementing the program and demonstrations on how to do the different activities. The Narrative Writing Program is suitable for children from 8 to around 12 years of age as students complete the material at their current level of ability.  In fact, if you complete the program with a younger child, you may find it valuable to revisit the program again when he/she is older.

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