Supporting Learning

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In their book Powerful Teaching, Agarwal and Bain (2019) suggest four key philosophies or messages that should underpin providing a supportive learning environment: 1. We all need time to think and learn: Everyone learns at a different pace and process … Continued

Assistive Technology Myths

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Martin (2022) discusses five myths about students with dyslexia using assistive technology.┬áThis is an overview of the key points made in his article. Myth 1: Using assistive technology is cheating Dyslexia is a disability. Like any other disability we should … Continued

The Power of Stories

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As Willingham (2022) notes, the human mind is predisposed to remember stories. Stories by definition show relationships between different objects, events and/or characters. Research shows that we find stories intrinsically more interesting than other formats. In addition, stories are easier … Continued