Picture Books for Writing

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At times children can find it difficult to think of a coherent story line and then to develop that story in a systematic and interesting way. Children’s picture books that have no words are an excellent resource for these children … Continued

Environmental Print

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Environmental print refers to the print that we see around us in the various aspects of our life. We see print in our environment on signs, logos, catalogues, brochures, labels and a range of advertisements. When children are just beginning … Continued

Reading Informational Text

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As students progress through the educational system, it becomes more important that they can read and comprehend informational texts. Outlined below are three practical techniques that can help students access information from these texts. Before Reading Introduce new vocabulary – … Continued

Writing to Improve Reading

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Many students are still leaving high school with poor literacy skills. These students are subsequently at a disadvantage in successfully pursuing higher education, securing reasonable employment and participating fully in all aspects of society.  Although the following are USA statistics, … Continued