6 Reason to Teach Using the ‘Science of Reading’

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In the inaugural edition of the Reading League Journal, Jennifer Buckingham (2020) identified six benefits of using teaching strategies guided by scientific evidence. Earlier and more accurate word reading The research clearly shows that accurate word reading is achieved successfully … Continued

Homophone Activity

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A homophone is a word that sounds the same as (or very similar to) another word but has a different meaning and spelling. From an intervention perspective, it is common for students to confuse homophones, so they need multiple opportunities … Continued

Proper Nouns

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When I ask students to define a noun, they will quickly tell me, “It’s a person, place or thing.” At the very least they need to add on ‘or idea’. I would rather that they use the definition: A noun … Continued

Importance of Working Memory

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Reading comprehension depends firstly on our ability to decode the words on the page, and then to make sense of each individual word and groups of words joined into sentences, and then to make connections between groups of sentences. This … Continued