Daily Writing Topics

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Improving writing skills, unsurprisingly, requires sustained practice. A strategy used in many classrooms is to ask student to write about their weekend or their holidays. However, there are many more interesting topics you could use for inspiration. It is also … Continued

Helping Children Select Books

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It is not uncommon for children to go to the school library (or community library) and spend the allocated time wandering around with no books to check-out when it is time to leave. In addition, children are often reluctant to … Continued

Poetry & Figurative Language

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Poems are often rich in figurative language and consequently can be an excellent teaching tool. Often having students learn to recite the poem from memory is a great additional challenge. Click here for more information. Here are some ideas using … Continued

Building Vocabulary

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Types of Vocabulary We can categorise vocabulary as being: There is a high correlation between these different types of vocabulary. Consequently, an increase in one area generally leads to an increase in other areas. This is particularly true going from … Continued

Audio Books

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Should we be letting our children listen to audio books? Like the answer to most questions, it is about providing a balance. It is important that children are given an opportunity to read independently. It is also important that parents … Continued