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  • The vocabulary used in the editing exercises are from the Multisensory Reading Program to which it is linked. For example, the first editing exercise in Level 4 uses the vocabulary from the first half of Unit 1 in the Multisensory Reading Level 3C program. Throughout the exercise, these words are spelled incorrectly.


  • In each editing exercise a new grammatical or punctuation concept is introduced into the activity.  Subsequent editing exercise then build on the previously introduced concepts to ensure maximum understanding and opportunities to practise.  At the end of each line there is a number in brackets to indicate the number of errors to be found on that line.


  • Each editing exercise exposes students to different genres: letters, emails, short stories, reports, newspaper articles, positions vacant, for sale advertisements, interviews, etc. This is designed to enhance students’ familiarity with these genres and also to improve their ability to edit different types of writing.


  • Accompanying each editing exercise is an answer sheet which identifies each error and explains why it is an error. If the editing is being completed in a one-on-one teaching situation, it is recommended that as the student finds and corrects an error that the reason for the error be discussed. In group situations, this information can be discussed as the work is being marked.

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Editing Level 1 Links to Multisensory Reading Level 2B
Editing Level 2 Links to Multisensory Reading Level 3A
Editing Level 3 Links to Multisensory Reading Level 3B
Editing Level 4 Links to Multisensory Reading Level 3C

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Editing Level 2 Photocopiable
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Editing Level 4 Photocopiable


You may also find exercises in the Rules Rule books a useful supplement to the Editing books.