To choose an appropriate Cracking the ABC Code program, you need to know a student’s age-equivalent reading and spelling age and their phonic knowledge. It is best if this information can be obtained from recognised standardised assessments. If your child’s literacy has recently been assessed you can use those results. If the age-equivalent scores have not been provided, you can ask the assessor for this information. However, if this information is not available the tests below will give you an approximate age-equivalent score to help in the selection process.

STEP 1: Complete the reading tests

It is critical that when you administer these test that you:

  • Do NOT provide any feedback (i.e., do not indicate if the answer is correct or incorrect). 
  • Do NOT show the student the test before or after the assessment.
  • Do NOT specifically teach any of the words in the assessments.
  • Keep the assessment moving along. If the student doesn’t know how to read or spell a word, just go immediately onto the next word.
  • Follow the instructions written at the top of the assessment.

Reading Test

Phonic Test 3

STEP 2: Complete the spelling tests

Now complete the spelling tests to determine the student’s approximate current age-equivalent spelling level and the types of mistakes being made.


Phonic Test

STEP 3: Select the appropriate multisensory reading program

Click on the level to find the resources.

If your child can decode well but has difficulty with comprehension choose a suitable level Reading for Comprehension book. 

<6yrs 2mths 6yrs 3mths-
6yrs 6mths
6yrs 6mths-
8yrs-10yrs >10yrs
Doesn’t know alphabet  Multisensory Reading Level 1
Knows alphabet not digraphs  Multisensory Reading Level 2A  Multisensory Reading Level 2B
a few digraphs
Level 3A square Level 3B square Level 3C square Level 4 square

STEP 4:  Select the appropriate multisensory spelling program

Click on the level to find the resources.

If your child’s difficulty is writing rather than spelling, choose an appropriate Writing Program.


<5yrs 6mths

5yrs 6mths-8yrs

8yrs-14yrs 6mths

Level 1 Reading Program

Spelling square 1

Level 2A Reading Program

Spelling square 2 Spelling square 3


Step 5: Complete a program

On completion of a program, reassess your child to determine if any further intervention is required and if so, which program would be appropriate.

You may find it beneficial to consolidate the material covered by continuing on with an appropriate level:


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