Activities Using the Suffix ‘ant’

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It is often difficult to know whether to use the suffix ‘ant’ or ‘ent’. Click here for an overview of conventions associated with the use of ‘ant’ versus ‘ent’. However, it’s not easy and there are lots of exceptions, so … Continued

Toys for Learning

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Motivating students to practise a sufficient number of times to ensure information is stored in long-term memory can often be challenging. Kerri-Laurae shares the following ideas for helping students remember high frequency words. When students are first learning these words, … Continued

NAPLAN Grammar Analysis

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This week the focus will be on analysing grammar errors. Click here for a copy of the student’s paper. The following table outlines the types of errors made by the student and the suggested teaching focus. ERROR TEACHING STRATEGY Use … Continued

NAPLAN Spelling Analysis

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It’s that time of the year again when many teachers and parents begin preparing students for NAPLAN. However, just having students do practice papers is not really going to address any areas of underlying weakness. To really improve their literacy … Continued

Books for Babies & Toddlers

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There is an abundance of research demonstrating the importance of reading to children from a very young age. They learn about the structure of books, it increases their vocabulary and exposes them to concepts and ideas that they might not … Continued