Picture Books for Writing

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At times children can find it difficult to think of a coherent story line and then to develop that story in a systematic and interesting way. Children’s picture books that have no words are an excellent resource for these children … Continued

Writing to Improve Reading

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Many students are still leaving high school with poor literacy skills. These students are subsequently at a disadvantage in successfully pursuing higher education, securing reasonable employment and participating fully in all aspects of society.  Although the following are USA statistics, … Continued

Writing to Read

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Truckenmiller and Chandler (2023) provide an overview of some of the research around effective writing instruction positively impacting on both writing and reading achievement. The following in an outline of their key points: Theories of reading and writing co-development Interventions … Continued

Combining & Expanding Sentences

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Sentences are the basic building blocks of writing. There is a growing body of research showing that sentence combining and sentence expanding are effective ways of improving students’ writing by teaching them the skills associated with developing elaborate and complex … Continued