Daily Writing Topics

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Improving writing skills, unsurprisingly, requires sustained practice. A strategy used in many classrooms is to ask student to write about their weekend or their holidays. However, there are many more interesting topics you could use for inspiration. It is also … Continued

Poetry & Figurative Language

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Poems are often rich in figurative language and consequently can be an excellent teaching tool. Often having students learn to recite the poem from memory is a great additional challenge. Click here for more information. Here are some ideas using … Continued

Both Sides

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To write persuasively requires the development of a logical, coherent argument that will at least challenge the reader to consider the stance that is being presented. If you are an effective persuasive writer, you should be able to develop an … Continued

Create an Image Tree

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Descriptive language describes a person, object or place in such a way that the reader is able to visualise the image in the same way as the writer. It requires the writer to pay close attention to details using all … Continued


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A knowledge and understanding of genre has a role to play in both reading and writing. What is genre? Genre refers to types of writing that address different purposes. Examples of different types of genre include: Poetry, fiction (and the … Continued