I have a child in pre-primary. Would it be beneficial for me to attend the workshops?
Yes! The workshops cover the ‘building blocks’ of learning to read and spell. If you have this information then you are in a better position to support your child’s literacy development and to ensure he or she becomes a proficient reader and speller.

Will I be expected to purchase your programs if I attend the workshops?
Definitely not! The workshops are designed purely to give parents information. They are very fast paced and cover a lot of material. You will be provided with lots of information that will enable you to work with your child using the material you already have at home. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase Cracking the ABC Code material or consider employing a specialist teacher to work with your child.

Can I organise a workshop for my school?
Definitely!  Just contact Dr Lillian Fawcett by email to organise a suitable day and time.

Do you provide PDs for schools?
Yes!  Please phone or email Dr Lillian Fawcett to discuss your requirements.