Below is a sample of the Extension Vocabulary section of the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Level 2 program

This exercise is designed to help students ‘see’ words inside of words and therefore make the decoding process easier.
Help student decode the word on the left hand side.
  • Draw the student’s attention to the fact that the same word (written in bold font) is located inside the next two words to the right.
  • Consequently, the student should immediately be able to say that part of the word without ‘resounding’.
  • Then it is just a matter of adding on the accompanying prefix or suffix.

Once students are able to read the 10 list words in 10 seconds, they can practise learning to read this list of word

  • Read the words in rows from left to right, not down the columns.
  • Aim for a time of 30 seconds.

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Blank template Learn to Read books

Multisensory Spelling Reading 2A (Australian Version)

Multisensory Spelling High Frequency Words (Australian)

Editing Level 1

Level 2 Phonic Bingo

Callan:  8 years 6 months

“Many thanks for your programme.  It is very noticeable the improvement in Callan’s English skills.” Anne (Mother)–Hamersley

Reading Accuracy Age:  Before:  7 years 1 month  After: 9 years 2 months
Reading Comprehension Age:  Before: 7 years 10 months    After: 9 years 0 months
Spelling Age:  Before: 7 years 7 months   After:  8 years 6 months
Known graphemes:  Before: 20  After: 64
Number of lessons:  19


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