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AAA Learn to Read Workbooks 1-20 (Single Use)


  • Author: Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers
  • Publisher: Cracking the ABC Code
  • Format: PDF (For single use with one student)
  • Copyright: 2015-2023
  • Pages: 338
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This downloadable pdf combines all 20 Workbooks which link to the Learn to Read series. Each workbook provides instructions, oral discussion questions and 14 pages of different types of comprehension activities based on the related Learn to Read Book. It is envisaged that students will read 6 pages of a Learn to Read book each night and there are two comprehension/activity sheets that relate to those 6 pages. In addition, there is an activity using the digraph targeted in that particular book, plus 4 additional activities related to the key vocabulary used in the book and the book as a whole.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DISCOUNT IS FOR INDIVIDUAL USE ORDERS. SCHOOLS WILL NEED TO PURCHASE THE SCHOOL/TEACHER VERSION

These workbooks are available for immediate download and printing once the PayPal transaction has been processed.  It is important that you read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing any of these resources.  



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