Many students require numerous opportunities to focus on and practise specific aspects of writing in order to become proficient writers.

Writing Ex1         Writing Ex2

Part two of Writing Creatively introduces students to different elements of effective writing one at a time. The student is then given the opportunity to focus on and practise this one specific component for the remainder of the week.

It is strongly recommended that a 10 minute time slot is set aside each day for students for this activity. Like any skill, the development of writing skills requires regular, focused practise.

Each of the activities in this section is designed to develop students’ vocabulary and sentence structure to make their writing more interesting.

• At the beginning of the week, a concept is introduced to the students (e.g., similes, sentence beginnings, synonyms, adjectives, adverbs, etc) and students complete the associated worksheet.

• Students then use the worksheet as the basis of their 10 minute, daily writing activity.

• At the end of the 10 minutes, students count the number of words written and record their score on the graph provided.

• The aim is for students to increase the number of words written during the 10 minutes.

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