Sample of the Comprehension section: Multisensory Reading Program Level 3

Comprehension 3

1. The comprehension exercises are designed to reinforce the meaning of the words being learned in the previous section. Complete one comprehension exercise from each section each day.

Encourage the student to return to the columns of words to find the answer. When the student finds the correct word, identify the letters of the sound being studied and the linking picture (e.g., ay for tray). Point out any unusual letter combinations that may make the correct spelling of the word difficult.

2. These are cloze exercises. Cloze exercises are useful for identifying a student’s knowledge and understanding of the reading process. They help extend the student’s vocabulary, encourage him/her to monitor for meaning and encourages the critical and analytical interpretation of the text. The student should read the sentence saying ‘something’ or a nonsense word like ‘burb’ in place of the missing word.

3. These are definitions.  For students to understand text, it is important that they are not only able to decode a word, but also understand the meaning of that word.

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Sarah: 11 years 5 months
“Sarah completed Lillian’s 12 week program. Not only did her reading and spelling improve, but more importantly her confidence went through the roof. She has gone from a reluctant reader to an excited reader.”

Robyn (Mother) – Innaloo WA.

Reading Accuracy Age:  Before:  8 years  11 months  After: 11 years 7 months
Reading Comprehension Age:  Before: 10 years     After: 13++ years
Spelling Age:  Before: 10 years 3 months   After: 11 years 2 months
Known graphemes:  Before:37  After: 63
Number of lessons:  12

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