Multisensory Reading Program Level 2B


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The Multisensory Reading Level 2B program is designed to teach beginning readers to instantly recognise the 30 most common digraphs (sh, ch, ee) using a multisensory approach. This phonic based program is suitable for beginning readers who know the basic common sounds of the letters of the alphabet – /a/ apple, /b/ bat and have a reading age of at least 6.00 years. It consists of 5 interlinking sections: Key Word and Picture, Vocabulary Development, Comprehension, Oral Reading, and Syllabification. The program is based on current literacy learning and memory research.  A 30 unit program designed to teach early readers, who have some basic reading vocabulary.  Suitable for students who may only know one or two digraphs and have a reading age of between 6 years 2 months to 6 years 6 months

This is the Australian version.  Please note there is also an American version.

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