Unit 1: Introduction

Length: 45 minutes

Unit 1 discusses key factors to consider when administering assessments and a recommended battery of assessments to determine a student’s current literacy ability so that an appropriate intervention can be implemented.

Unit 2:  Reading Assessments

Length: 120 minutes

Unit 2 provides instructions for conducting and analysing the Neale Analysis of Reading Ability, the Schonell Single Word Reading Assessment and a Nonsense Word Reading Assessment. It includes a demonstration video of the Neale being administered and an opportunity for participants to score and analyse the assessment and receive individual feedback.

Unit 3: Spelling Assessments

Length: 30 minutes

Unit 3 provides instructions for conducting, scoring and analysing the Schonell Spelling test and a nonsense words spelling assessment.

Unit 4: Assessing Phonic Knowledge

Length: 45 minutes

Unit 4 provides instructions for assessing a student’s phonic knowledge both from and encoding and decoding perspective. The focus is on the most commonly occurring and used graphemes.

Unit 5Assessing Phonological Awareness

Length: 30 minutes

Unit 5 provides instructions for assessing phonological awareness and auditory processing using an assessment tool based on the Rosner or using Kilpatrick’s Phonological Awareness Screening test.

Unit 6Writing Report & Selecting Programs

Length: 45 minutes

Unit 6 provides information on reporting the findings from your literacy assessments and determining the most appropriate Cracking the ABC Code programs for a student based on their results. Your analysis will also help inform your teaching.