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Cracking the ABC Code is the most effective program I have ever used to assist students with literacy difficulties.
It is comprehensive, thorough, systematic, easy to use, and complete. I have used it with students from Prep to Year 11 and it is just as relevant no matter what the age of the student. I have used it with students who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia, have a disability and some who just want to improve their reading competence. This program suits all needs.
I have been a Learning Support for many years and used many different programs to assist students with reading difficulties. I have trained with several different organisations to use multisensory programs, but none of these are as well organised as I have found Cracking the ABC Code to be.
All the resources I need to implement the program are provided so that I am able to determine exactly what level to start a student on - to build on prior knowledge and work from there.
The Multi-sensory Reading program includes reading, spelling, grammar and writing skills. The Persuasive Writing component is extremely relevant to High School Students and aligns well with what they are being taught in the classroom.
The more I use the program the more admiration I have for Lillian and her knowledge and expertise.
I definitely recommend it to any teacher wanting to build literacy competence with their students.

Julie Burley   

As I was working with a mature student with a complex profile of SpLD, we approached the programme with diplomatic caution. After doing the reading programme for a while, she increased her confidence and we made light forays into the spelling programme. This helped her spelling to the point where she recognised the improvements she was making. As an artist and writer, this student found the multisensory nature of the programmes was highly suitable. The reading programme incrementally improved all of her literacy skills, and even dealt subliminally with the phonological difficulties at the core of her dyslexia.


I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers providing learners with the Cracking the ABC Code.
Leilani had been struggling with various language aspects. Her comprehension tasks were well under the capabilities of her age group. She lacked the confidence and therefore also the motivation to improve on her english. It seemed a daunting task but then we decided that she should at least try this program.
During the first couple of sessions it dawned on me that due to Leilani's first language background she lacked the basic fundamentals of the english language.As the first four years of a child's life forms the basis of their language understanding for life I believe that she lacked this foundation in english.
Through her attending the lessons she has learnt a lot of basic skills and she has made a vast improvement. The program requires dedication from both student and parent but the rewards at the completion of the program is immense.
Thank you for introducing this program and working with Leilani.
She had come home with a spring in her step on various occasions after attaining a B in her comprehension test.
I can clearly see how much easier her understanding of the english language and also of her school work is after the program.

Thank you again. This program is beyond awesome.

Lisa Uys   

• One of my students whose mother is a speech pathologist loves the program. Her son is presently doing 3A. She loves the vocabulary exercises.
• Another student is working through 3B and is giving her a really good overview of letter combinations/choices. I preferred your program rather than Multilit which was recommended by her Educational Psychologist. I will be giving feedback to the Ed Psych who was hesitant to diagnose ‘dyslexia’. The Ed Psych felt there may have been a lack of ‘good teaching’ rather than a learning issue. Frankly, I would recommend your program before Multilit any day!
• The parents who agreed to do the program all think that ‘having it set out over the week’ the way it is, is working well.
• All students are ‘challenged’ with the nonsense syllabification and initially, struggle with it. However, when challenged with a real multisyllabic word in their reading, are very happy to ‘find the vowels and have a go at pronunciation’. The transition is working!

Maureen Bond   

For the last three years Baldivis Primary School has been using Cracking the ABC Code Program to assist children who are experiencing difficulties in Literacy. It is an amazing program that has helped students make great progress and has built up children’s confidence as they now see themselves as learners.

Simone Munckton   

Whilst my kindy child is not dyslexic, I was concerned about what and how she was learning at school. This workshop equipped me with the skills to support her literacy development at home. Lillian was very knowledgeable and shared tips and strategies which I feel confident to put into practise now and in the future as my daughter progresses. This workshop was exceptional value for money and worth a lot more to me than the fee.


I thought I would tell you of an observation after using your program.
The older students I have on it - Year 9 particularly who were somewhat reluctant to engage, are all starting to locate the area in misspelt words. Before the entire word looked wrong to them, but now they are able to isolate the one or two letters that are incorrect. They are now aware of the range of options to create that sound, so they are often working it out themselves.
I consider that a major breakthrough!

Sara Darling   

My 10 year old son has completed level 3B and 3C of this fantastic program. He has Irlen Syndrome and "Cracking the ABC Code" has enabled him to make sense of the graphemes and their use. He has always laboured with reading and since working with a tutor and myself his reading has improved considerably. The syllabification process with nonsense words and the time limits for the oral reading encouraged him to make his reading less 'clunky'. We are now working through the Rules Rule and continuing the Spelling Program. He has started at a new school this year and we are both confident his literacy will be okay. Whilst my 7 year old daughter does not face the challenges my son has I believe "Cracking the ABC Code" is of benefit to all children and so she is currently working through Level 2B. I have referred several parents at our school to this excellent program and I hope the word spreads. I wish all schools used "Cracking the ABC Code". If you think your child needs help with literacy this is a great, inexpensive program you can use at home to give them back their confidence.

Sharon Langton