Kerri-Laurae Corey
Dip. T., M.Ed. (Special Needs)
Emu Park, Queensland
Ph: 0407 389 971



Parent Reviews

I had the pleasure of working with Kerri-Laurae Corey for many years in her capacity as Head of Special Education and found her to be a colleague of high calibre, both personally and professionally. She was always highly organised and developed inspiring relationships with her students.
Kerri-Laurae is very innovative in terms of providing opportunities for learning and designing programs suited to the learning needs of particular students. She always put her students first and encouraged them to face and overcome any learning challenges.
Her use of up to date teaching techniques and her ability to adapt lessons in creative ways benefited students and highlighted the learning strengths of each individual student.
Kerri-Laurae has a good sense of humour and excellent communication skills, enabling her to create a caring environment and to easily build a good rapport with her students.

Lois McBow

Lois McBow   

I first worked with Kerri-Laurae in 2011 when she was Head of Special Education Services and I was acting Principal at the same school. I was very impressed with her knowledge and understanding of children with Special Needs. Her passion to help others and her dedication to her work meant that many parents and children benefitted from her expertise.
Over the years I have continued to be impressed by her drive and enthusiasm to help children with varying abilities. Kerri-Laurae is always well prepared by researching thoroughly the options which could be available to staff and parents to facilitate children's learning.
Kerri-Laurae has continued to update her knowledge through personal learning. She demonstrates great resilience and courage. She is articulate and well organised but above all she is passionate about educating children with special needs.

Carry Lee   

We have nearly 12yr old twin boys who both have ASD and have been privileged to access Kerri-Laurae’s services for the last 12 months.
In our time so far she has exceeded all of our expectations.
She is very understanding, compassionate, funny, honest and really through with her wealth of knowledge and understanding in terms of providing every possible opportunity available for the boys.
Kerri-Laurae is a ‘God Send’ when it comes to supporting, encouraging and motivating positive learning while making it fun to learn when helping contribute to the boys daily life skills needed for them in the outside world.
She always treats the boys and her other students and parents with the respect they deserve.
Kerri-Laurae has great communication skills and is up front with you.
She is very sincere and always has the time to listen to your concerns and issues.
She is forever expanding and learning new skills and new ways to help better her wisdom and knowledge so she can pass onto her students and parents.
Kerri-Laurae thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We can’t recommend you enough!!!
Shiralee Owens.

Shiralee Owens   

I have worked with Kerri-Laurae whilst she was employed as Head of Special Education Services (HoSES) and value her passion and enthusiasm as a professional colleague. From 2005 I was privileged to work as an Advisory Visiting Teacher- Autistic Spectrum Disorder for the Central Queensland region. During this period I worked with Kerri-Laurae to in-service staff and support students with high needs. Kerri-Laurae was always willing to embrace new ideas and was committed to staff capacity building.
I visited her Special Needs Department on several occasions and was impressed by how successfully she engaged her students with ASD. She has a broad knowledge base on Autism and is able to transfer knowledge gained into teaching her students effectively, using practical strategies that have yielded positive outcomes for children with ASD. Kerri-Laurae worked for ten years in this role.
Kerri-Laurae has worked for thirty-eight years in the teaching area. She was in charge of the "Making a Difference" team in Western Australia as well.
I was also privileged to work with Kerri-Laurae on the Presentation at the Inclusion Conference in October 2014 as well as a Beginning Teacher's Conference in 2016. Our collaboration proved to be a positive experience and I was impressed with Kerri-Laurae’s expertise and willingness to share her knowledge.
Kerri-Laurae has a passion for working with students who have challenging behaviours and assisting them to engage in the curriculum more effectively. Her background of Learning Support has enabled her to motivate students with learning disabilities and promote positive learning.

Gail Ilott

Gail Ilott   

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