Tia PrinslooTia Bester
B.Ed., Cert IV Language, Literacy & Numeracy, Cert IV T&A
Warner/Cashmere/Bray Park, Queensland
Ph: 0407 664 639



Parent Reviews

After only 5wks my daughter has gone from refusing to try to read and sound out difficult words to giving it a go. She has so much more enthusiasm for school now as the words and letters are starting to make sense. Both her teacher and paediatrician and impressed with the gains she has made in a short time period. I wish I found Tia 6mths ago. So grateful for Tia giving my girl the willingness to give it a good and read. Thanks Tia.

Natalie Liesegang   

My son has made wonderful progress working with Tia using this program. She is systematic in delivery and executes her teaching in a way that caters to differing learning styles. After a few short months my son is now engaging in reading for enjoyment and doesn’t see it as a chore anymore. His confidence has grown and he is able to apply the skills that he is learning through to Tia to help him Crack the Code.

Rebecca Beazley   

My daughter has been working with Tia for about 4 months and I have seen such a difference in her confidence it’s the most wonderful thing. My daughter resisted to begin with as she didn’t want to do any extra homework than what she had to. However, we came up with a plan to make sure the extra work was not overwhelming and it was achievable with all her other after school activities. She does a couple of activities most nights but no more than 20mins. The difference it has made in her confidence is amazing. Her teacher has even noticed an improvement in the classroom and has noticed her helping other students who are unsure as she has the confidence to help them. She now begs to read to me each night and we have almost finished her very first chapter book something my daughter always wanted to do and now she can. Thank-you so much Tia for helping crack the code.


My daughter has only just started with Tia, but just after a couple of weeks she has already improved. Tia has made my daughter so comfortable with learning that my daughter has forgotten to stutter. And this from a girl that could not read or make a sentence without restarting several times before getting her words out. I look forward to seeing how far she can go in the rest of her studies.


My children go to a popular school where individual attention is not really possible.I
decided to try Tia's tutoring because they were falling behind with the content. I must say we are very satisfied with the progress our children have made in such a short time! Tia teaches them a range of skills- numeracy, geography, English and writing. The costs are reasonable and worth every penny. Tia is always punctual and our children like her a lot.


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