Christine NowotnyChristine Nowotny
Dip. T., B.Ed. (Major: Reading)
Doubleview, Western Australia
Ph: 0414 912 070



Parent Reviews

Georgia started year two as one of the weakest readers and spellers in her class. And with this her confidence and hence her ability to learn were very fragile. After discussion with her school it was suggested that the ABC Cracking the Code programme could be a real benefit to Georgia and they suggested I get in contact with Christine. Immediately Georgia loved Christine. She gave Georgia a confidence that together they were going to work on a foundation that would help Georgia's literacy. She also put an expectation on Georgia that for the next 12 -14 weeks we were all going to work really hard to succeed. And along with Christine's support and belief Georgia took up the challenge. Christine obviously has years of experience and knowledge and an absolute love for what she does. The results were staggering. Georgia is now a blossoming year 3 student. It was the most positive experience and one of the greatest gifts Georgia has been given.

Megan MacDonald   

Christine was exactly the answer we were looking for to help my daughter Alyssa (9 years) improve her spelling and reading. Her calm and engaging manner made tutoring sessions enjoyable and nothing was ever too much trouble. The knowledge Christine has is amazing and she oozes passion for what she does.
Through her dedication, and the incredible "Cracking the abc Code" program, my daughter was able to improve a full year in her spelling age and 3 years in her reading age in just 12 weeks. Truly impressive!
We are so pleased with the results and would highly recommend both the program and Christine to anyone who has a child in need of help with English.
Thank you Christine for everything you have done for Alyssa.

Karen Liddell   

My daughter Emily (7years) and I struck gold when we found Christine. The programme 'Cracking the ABC code' was exactly what Emily needed to improve her reading, writing and spelling.

Previously I had been to a literacy tutor who saw her once a week with a little homework for a term and I noticed no improvement. Even though the Cracking the ABC Code programme involved a 30-40 minute commitment from me 6 days a week to consolidate Christine's 1 hour lesson/week the effort on all our parts paid off a hundred fold.

Emily went up 9 reading levels in 3 school terms, the only child in her class to do so. Her spelling and dictation also vastly improved.

Christine was always professional, extremely knowledgeable and most importantly passionate about her subject matter. She quickly established an excellent rapport with both myself and my daughter, and we both enjoyed our weekly visits. So much so we have signed up for more in 2016!

Margaret Laurent   

Christine is an inspirational educator. She has given my daughter Amelia the skills, tools and confidence to succeed in both Maths and English. Amelia has improved dramatically in both subjects going from a "c" level student to a "b" in English. In Maths she was achieving test results of 50% and this increased to 70% within a very short time. Christine also connects extremely well with children encouraging them to aim high. We are extremely lucky to have found Christine and highly recommend her.

Amanda Cox   

Christine is a sensational tutor and I would truly recommend her. She has taught me a lot ever since we moved to WA from Sydney. At the beginning I was taken though the literacy programme "Cracking the ABC Code", and this improved my reading and spelling levels greatly. Most recently I have been working with her on my writing skills and an now writing confidently and fluently. I if you have any literacy problems please contact this wonderful tutor immediately.

Karl Sauerwein   

The lessons have improved my reading and spelling lots! I think Christine is a very good tutor. ..Ella We are delighted with the results Ella has achieved. A big 'thank you' to Christine for the time and effort she has invested in Ella in order to help her improve her visual processing speed and quick word recognition. Ella will continue to use the skills and rules she has learnt with Christine in her everyday school work.

Ella Staple   

My daughter has now been seeing Christine for about 1 1/2 years. Her school teachers identified she was struggling with her spelling and reading. During this time we have been doing the "Cracking the ABC Code" program. Over this time Jess has made significant improvements in spelling, writing and reading and now reads a book a week and loves borrowing my Kindle. Christine has been instrumental in helping Jess with all of this. She has amazing patience, a good sense of humour and has developed a great teacher relationship with Jess meaning she never minds going back each week for more work! I would recommend Christine highly to any-one seeking help with their childs English Thanks!

Monique Standford   

Christine is a great asset as a tutor, her calm friendly manner immediately put Sophia at ease. She showed patience when explaining instructions in a manner a 10yr old could comprehend and humour when encouraging and bolstering enthusiasm and confidence. The course Christine set for her required homework and commitment from Sophia: 30min / 4 days a week, as well as supervision/assistance from us to ensure her understanding of the work. There has been a vast improvement in Sophia's spelling and reading/comprehension skills and she is more confident in her own abilities. We hope that this will continue through with her school work and would have no hesitation in returning to Christine if further tutoring was required at a later date...Michele. Christine was a huge help to me and I am so thankful that she was able to assist me in improving my spelling level (by 2 years!) Doing the course also helped me set a good homework routine. Thank you so much Christine..... Sophia.

Sophia Rosso   

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