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Parent Reviews

My son was just a little behind with his literacy in year 3. After a friend recommended the Cracking the ABC Code program we have been thrilled with the results. My son improved his reading by one year level and spelling and comprehension skills by two year levels after the 12 week program. Thanks Kathryn!

Lisa Di Toro   

My son had been diagnosed with Dysgraphia. He was having trouble getting his wonderful ideas on to paper.
We returned to Kathryn to undertake the Writing Persuasively program.
This program gave him the tools needed to organise his ideas and formulate a writing plan.
It resulted in him being able to express his ideas more easily and in a timely manner.
Thanks again Kathryn.

Tanja Petkovic   

Our daughter came to Kathryn lacking confidence and having some challenges with short-term memory. Kathryn and the CABCC program has been amazing at lifting her confidence and establishing the right building blocks for her to be successful with literacy going forward. We're very happy with the warmth and support Kathryn has provided to foster this new-found confidence.

Lynette Galvin   

My son was struggling with his reading and falling behind in class. He is a clever boy with a great vocabulary but just couldn’t seem to grasp reading.
We began Cracking the ABC Code with Kathryn and both she and the program were amazing!
His reading has improved in leaps and bounds and along with it his confidence has soared.
He now enjoys reading!
I highly recommend it.

Tanja Petkovic   

My daughter had not been performing at her spelling year level since leaving pre-primary, her dad and I had lost the confidence that she would ever be able to spell correctly for her age. After the 10 week cracking the ABC code with Kathryn, my daughter is now not only spelling at a year above her age group, she is also more confident in other school activities. Thank you Kathryn for assisting us with he programme but for also giving our daughter a much needed confidence boost.

Deb Reid   

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