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I highly recommend completing this Literacy Training workshop, regardless of your level of experience or time in education. A very comprehensive, practical workshop in which you are supported by Dr Lillian the entire time. Thank you!


This was a fantastic course. Although packed with information, I did not feel that I needed to grasp everything at once due to the sequential nature of the program. Facilitated by Julie Tasker - she was relaxed, knowledgeable and reminded us all that she was once in our shoes and made mistakes herself.

Jane Healey   

After attending the multisensory literacy training workshop in Perth I can't wait to start teaching this amazing literacy program. Lillian's delivery of this informative workshop was excellent and she was happy to help with any questions we had. The resources created are second to none and I believe that all children who are struggling with reading and spelling would benefit greatly from this unique program!

Paula O'Toole   

Thanks Julie for a fantastic training workshop. You clearly have a very deep understanding of the field of reading disorders. I also appreciate your willingness to answer all my questions, many of which were really basic. I very much look forward to working with you and the team here in Brisbane.

Willem Van Rensburg   

I recommend the 'Multisensory Literacy Course' to teachers wanting strategies to support students with literacy issues. Lillian taught us highly practical strategies which she linked to current research.
Lillian covered a lot of information, but there was plenty of time for questions and time to practise strategies taught. She has a wealth of resources to support multisensory teaching and has set up a FB page to support teachers who have done the course. I am looking forward to trying out new ways of teaching. Thank you Lillian.

Anna Taylor   

Lillian is a fantastic teacher and the program she has created is absolutely brilliant. I started with supporting children in the day-to-day tasks and I've seen firsthand the improvement the children have made from being on this program so it's great to learn more about the theory and the science behind it. Highly recommend this program and training.


I participated in an online workshop with Lillian in June and found it very informative, insightful and beneficial. Lillian provided us with many opportunities to practise what we had been learning in a way that we would do in a classroom or one-on-one session with children. I also appreciate the post workshop support that Lillian provides as it gives me a chance to discuss various children's literacy challenges and in turn provide them with better support.

Sophie Charlton   

I recently attended a very informative, thorough and fast paced training day of 'Cracking the ABC Code'.
There were many opportunities for us to practise how we would work with a student using the material. After we observed a demo, Julie encouraged and politely guided us in the correct process.
We were also provided with many of Julie's own experiences using the material and an abundance of gold nuggets related to spelling rules and ways to teach these.
Thank you, Julie.


WOW! I just came home after completing an amazing day of PD .The "Cracking the ABC Code " multisensory literacy training workshop.
Yes ,it was information overload but a PD all teachers interested in ensuring successful learners should attend.
It was exciting to learn new strategies yet know that the assessment tools that I have been using for years in my teaching career are still the tried and true assessments for finding out a child's level of literacy ability. Lillian is a master and so willing to share her expertise. If you are wondering whether to do this, run to your internet now and sign up.
Well worth every cent and some. Thank you Lillian for a fabulous day of PD. I loved the resource package and all your simple but so effective strategies. Now to put it into action!

Gemma Hopetoun-Smith   

Last weekend a colleague and myself completed the initial Cracking the ABC Code through recommendations of another colleague. In the middle of term 3 at the end of the week, on a Saturday, we weren’t looking forward to another 7 hour on line course.

After 30 years of teaching and 20 years as specialist teachers, we were expecting to learn more of the same presented slightly differently.

We were pleasantly surprised.

Even after 7 hours of the online course, we were energised by the swift pace of content delivery and presentation of new material in an interactive manner on line.

Especially we were delighted to learn some new practical applicable syllabification strategies for decoding unknown words. Also we appreciated learning a multi sensory memory enhancing approach toward the different phonic codes for spelling the same sound.

Additionally the non word testing Lillian has designed has been very beneficial in pin pointing exact phonic and spelling rules to be learnt when programming.

Finally, in the same week, I acquired new student recently diagnosed with a Specific Learning Disability and attention deficit. She had been taught through the cracking the code technique 2 years prior. Her grounding for the literacy foundations is among the best I have seen. Again, further evidence of the success of this program. Thank you Lillian. Your program is an invaluable tool we can access when supporting students with Learning Disabilities.

Alison Perry   

I recently attended the Multisensory Literacy Training, with Lois Nunes, in Auckland. As a parent who is teaching my son through these learning resources, I have found them invaluable; giving me a framework of lessons that are delivered in a systematic way. My son is acquiring new strategies and applying these, but more importantly, I see his confidence and engagement increase as he realises he is now making significant progress on his learning journey. Thank you to Lillian and Lois for your amazing resources and teaching, built on many years of experience and wisdom.


I have recently completed the Cracking The ABC Code workshop and highly recommend it for teaching people that have difficulties with literacy learning. The workshop gave a comprehensive overview of the programme and was highly informative. Having the opportunity to practise the student assessments was very useful. I work with children and adults with learning difficulties and my adult students continue to be surprised that they are able to learn new, practical strategies that work.
Thank you, Lillian, for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience.

Wilma Hilhorst   

I have just complete the online multisensory literacy training with Lillian and can't remember a PD where I have learnt so much! The workshop was delivered using Skype and Scribblar, which were very easy to use and effective at delivering the information in a professional manner. Having face-to-face PD in the comfort of my own home was fantastic. I found Lillian to be very approachable and extremely knowledgeable and I'm excited about using the strategies and resources in my everyday teaching as well as in a tutoring role. I highly recommend this workshop.

Bridget Kelly   

Yesterday I attended the multisensory literacy training workshop in Brisbane and I am so excited. I have been teaching 30 years and this was a whole new way of teaching literacy for me. Julie was so passionate about the program and was so patient with all our questions. I am starting with my first students shortly and I really can't wait! Thank you for making this amazing program available.

Andrea Deithe   

I am working as a tutor for a privatecompany, but we use some of Lillian's material. The workshop helped me put this in context.
Lillian certainly knows her 'stuff' and delivers it in a fast paced, but well organized manner. She is very approachable and answered all questions in depth.
I could do with more!

Nuala Leslie   

I’m so impressed with your methods and resources. I have a lot to learn (being a secondary trained teacher) but I’m excited about how much better I will be able to support my students (including the university students I work with).

The post training support you offer is very impressive.

Karen B   

Thank you for an excellent course on Saturday. I appreciate the wealth of experience and knowledge which you shared with us. I particularly enjoyed the adding of current research to support the practical aspects of the teaching programme.


I have recently completed the Multisensory Literacy Training with Lois Nunes in New Zealand. Although it was a thoroughly packed workshop I learned an immense amount, and intend to use it both at home with my children and as a teacher.

Tina Olsen   

The Multisensory Literacy online workshop with Lillian was excellent. It was highly informative, explicit, interactive and practical. Lillian kept the group size to 5 which maximised online participation. The content was backed up by recent research and best practice.

I now have a myriad of tools and resources I can use to enhance my teaching of students who are struggling to read.

The follow up online workshop modules and support has further reinforced my knowledge base and been invaluable.

Thank you Lillian, I highly recommend this course.


I completed the online training workshop with Lillian. It's fast paced and packed with useful and usable information. Lillian shares her research and knowledge freely with enthusiasm and it's clear that she continues to stay up to date with the latest research. Lillian also provides post workshop support which is invaluable. With this continued support I feel able to consistently deliver the program to a high standard.

Pauline Beal   

I recently attended the Multisensory Literacy Course in South Perth and was highly impressed with both the workshop presentation and the powerhouse of information I came away with. Lillian was very approachable and the workshop itself was well-paced and full of relevant information. The delicious morning tea with home made treats was an added bonus!
I have also completed an online course and, again, was highly impressed with the amount of information contained in the modules and with the clear and concise delivery of how to teach Level Two Reading. I am really looking forward to using my new skills in both my class teaching and my private tuition sessions.
Thank you, Lillian!

Pamela Hyde   

Dr Lillian Fawcett is amazing. Her Multisensory Literacy Training course was targeted perfectly to my professional learning needs. The one-day course is very full but well-paced, with time to ask questions. Lillian adapted questioning and catered well our group.

The Reading for Comprehension resources are a great resource for systematically teaching all aspects of reading comprehension. My upper primary students do this with me in a 1:1 scenario and are enjoying the short, (achievable) snappy comprehension tasks. They feel confidence because of the scaffolded nature of the lessons and a real sense of accomplishment at the end of every tutoring session.

Lillian follows-up with offers to support - her door to help is always open. I'm sure such high level of service is appreciated by many.
Thank you, Lillian.

PS: Little Miss 11 wanted me to tell you that she liked the story about Sooty (a little dog) who caused havoc at the beach when he was supposed to help Shane to catch a fish! (Comprehension Book L2)

Susan Spelic   

A brilliant program and incredible resources. The workshop inspired me all over again! Lillian has nailed it!

Kerri-Laurae Corey   

I recently completed Cracking the ABC code. I loved the training- organised, professionally put together, affordable, and Lillian is really knowledgeable. I love that all the hard work is done with the preprepared materials, rather than grabbing bits from different programs.

As a Speech Pathologist and parent, I am really excited about implementing this program, especially how systematically it builds on previously learnt information.
Highly recommended. Thanks Lillian.

Meg Engel   

I recently attended the Multisensory Literacy Course in South Perth and was highly impressed with both the workshop presentation and the powerhouse of information I came away with. Lillian was very approachable and the workshop itself was well-paced and full of relevant information. The delicious morning tea with home made treats was an added bonus!
I have also completed an online course and, again, was highly impressed with the amount of information contained in the modules and with the clear and concise delivery of how to teach Level Two Reading. I am really looking forward to using my new skills in both my class teaching and my private tuition sessions.
Thank you, Lillian!

Pamela Hyde   

I have recently completed the Cracking The ABC Code workshop and would recommend it to any teacher wanting to gain skills to help their students who are struggling with literacy.

I was familiar with the program having personally completed three Cracking the ABC Code courses with my son who was struggling with reading. With commitment to the program I have seen a dramatic improvement to my son's reading and spelling levels. He is now enjoying reading and learning.

The teacher workshop was fantastic, fast paced but easy to follow. Lillian was a great presenter and I feel very supported by her to begin delivering this program to students of my own.

I am passionate about helping students gain confidence and a love of reading and learning, thank you Lillian for giving me to tools to do so.

Caterina Napoli   

Thoroughly enjoyed this online workshop. It confirmed to me that I’m on the right track with literacy instruction in the classroom but I also learned some new skills and strategies that have inspired me further. Lillian is extremely passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to her craft so I am looking forward to having her support as I trial new ideas.

Sophie Norton   

I have recently attended the Cracking the ABC Code workshop in Perth and I would highly recommend it for anyone keen to be equipped with the tools to help those struggling with literacy. Lillian gave detailed explanations behind each component and her willingness to continue to give assistance with implementing the program is much appreciated. Thank you, Lillian!

Henrietta Brennan   

I have just attended multisensory literacy training workshop for Cracking the ABC Code. It was a fast-paced day, full of information and expertly led by Julie Tasker. I now feel ready to use the program to help my students.

Jacqui Kirkman   

The online workshop with Lillian was very informative, interactive and practical. The group size was small allowing for plenty of practice of the skills and time for questions related to our own teaching.

The included online modules and support from Lillian has further enhanced my knowledge and ability to apply these strategies in my school.

Jessica Zippel   

I recently attended the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Literacy Training Workshop in Brisbane by Julie Tasker. The resources and materials for this program are fantastic.
I highly recommend this program for children experiencing literacy difficulties.

Linda Reedman   

Thank you Dr Lillian for an outstanding and super comprehensive Literacy training workshop! I learned an incredible amount and I am excited to continue training and learning.

I can only imagine the great difference I might now be able to make when teaching literacy to students because I'll actually know what I need to be doing to make a difference.

I love how explicit the teaching is and all the techniques incorporated. This is the most comprehensive Professional Develop I have ever done in Literacy. The resources are outstanding and so is the after course support.

Thank you Lillian for being such a supportive presenter and coach. Dr Lillian keeps to the point when presenting and there is always time to ask questions.

Dr Lillian enables participants to be active learners because the course was also very practical. We were able to have a go giving parts of lessons as if we were the teacher and also as if we were the student.

An outstanding course! I highly recommend it!

Carmel Finnegan   

Yesterday I attended the Cracking the ABC Code Literacy Workshop in Perth. Having done the course previously and successfully applied the programme to many students of all ages, I used this current workshop as a refresher. I am so glad I did! Lillian is an excellent teacher in her own right and presented up to date research to back her innovative and creative sequence of learning. I have taught numerous reading programmes and have a background with many years of teaching, from pre-primary to high school. This Cracking the ABC Code Programme is by the most effective programme I have used for reading. writing and spelling. Lillian certainly added to my teaching ability and knowledge yesterday and had practical and sound theoretical answers to all questions posed. Thank you Lillian.

Judith Sakalidis   

Lillian came all the way to Port Hedland to train us. It was such an informative day. She gave me some fantastic strategies to teach reading and spelling. Lillian answered all my questions and was a wealth of information.


After having used some of Dr Lillian’s spelling resource books with a student, I was interested in meeting Lillian in person in New Zealand when she presented her Multisensory Literacy Training Course. Lillian is a professional dynamo with a wealth of experience to share. Her course was engaging, thorough, a snapshot of all that she has to offer in Cracking the ABC Code and I would highly recommend it to others interested in working with students who require individual support with their literacy skills.

Michelle Wansink   

Thank you Dr Lilian Fawcett for a great course on "Cracking the ABC Code." It was clear and concise and filled with practical tips. Also, we will clearly have great support and follow-up available.

Sally Davies   

A big thank you to Julie who presented such a wealth of knowledge and information at the workshop which I attended in Brisbane. I came away from that workshop with a lot more knowledge then when I started it and felt it was so worth attending.

La Ree Byrne   

Lillian was a fantastic facilitator. Her knowledge of the English language blew me away. What a fantastic program - one that is based on evidence based practice. I recommend Cracking the ABC code and the courses. Thank you Lillian.

Alex Hughes   

I recently attended a 'Cracking The ABC Code' multisensory literacy training workshop in Brisbane which was very informative and one that I would highly recommend. Julie gave very clear explanations and practical advice on how to use this program to support students struggling with reading and spelling. She was most approachable and very helpful with answering any questions that I had regarding the program. I came away from this workshop with some great information on literacy acquisition and some helpful tips for using this program in my tutoring business. I was also able to purchase some of the program's resources. I enjoyed attending this informative workshop and I feel more confident to support the students with the knowledge I have gained concerning this well structured and well resourced program . I am keen to commence using this program to work with those students who need support with reading and spelling. Thank you Julie for a valuable and informative day of learning.

Anne Richards   

Last year I searched online for a "respectful" (i.e. not "kiddy") programme suitable for a teenager and was delighted to find Lillian's resources. Since then, I have been introducing my other students to these resources and the workshop provided me with the confidence to improve my delivery of the programme.

Cathryn J Bjarnesen   

I did the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Literacy Training Course in January through SPELD QLD at Coorparoo. I highly recommend it for children having difficulty with spelling or reading.

Helen Reid   

Having completed the ‘Cracking the ABC Code’ multisensory literacy training workshop, I feel confident and well equipped for working with students struggling with literacy. The workshop was highly informative, gave a comprehensive overview of the program and allowed time for the explanation and practice of student assessments. I left with a generous amount of resources and practical strategies for future use.

Teneile Tuohy   

This was a fantastic workshop. Well planned out and packed with useful information. Highly recommended!


Fantastic Training that helped me as a teacher drive my Literacy further in my school! Using this program as a school approach has made things a lot more cohesive in teaching and the students understanding is a lot more rich. Thanks again Lillian!

Georgia Eckermann   

This training was one of the most helpful PDs that I've done since becoming a teacher. It had the right balance of theory and practical application, along with opportunities for continued learning.

Carla Anderson   

I recently completed a 'Cracking the ABC Code' multisensory literacy training workshop conducted by Lillian. It was exactly what I had been looking for, a sequential and systematic program plus resources to help a struggling reader.
Nothing is too much trouble for Lilian and I cannot thank her enough for her ongoing assistance and advice.

Yvonne Withington   

I attended the Multisensory Literacy Workshop in Brisbane with Julie Tasker. It was such a fabulous day that has provided me with a new level of confidence in teaching reading and spelling. I have also been given wonderful support since attending the course. It is great to know that help is there if I need it. Thank you Julie and Lillian.

Emily Hiley   

The workshop itself is fast paced and information intensive but extremely valuable. All presentations are supported by sound research and background knowledge so participants are well placed to use the program to its best intent. It is a wonderful program designed to be modified to suit children’s’ needs while maintaining its integrity and structured approach to helping children overcome their difficulties. Lillian is extremely knowledgeable and professional and to her credit she is also extremely passionate about upskilling everyone - from students to teachers and parents - rather than having families having to rely on professionals to help their children. As such. Lillian is open and honest and more than willing to assist both within the bounds of the workshop. but perhaps more importantly. beyond training when the true questions can arise.


We had an early start with the workshops, due to the time difference, but the time flew by, such an interesting way to work, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning this programme. We are excited to start using the programme here, and convinced we can help so many students.- many thanks for your time and patience Lillian.

Simone Isaacs   

I've just attended an amazing multisensory literacy training workshop. Lillian took us through the programme showing incredible insight into her knowledge of the course. She was very patient with our constant questions, and very helpful in her tips for teaching. The programme looks great and I can't wait to begin teaching it!

Henrietta Brennan   

Lillian's full day multisensory literacy course was an excellent introduction to her Cracking the ABC Code intervention programme. She explained the theory behind the programme, walked us through the assessment process and showed us how to deliver the lessons. There was also plenty of opportunity to engage with the many resources through hands on activities. There was so much to learn in one day and I found it extremely helpful to later watch the demonstration videos that she has on her website. I now feel confident to teach this programme and am very excited to be part of the Cracking the ABC Code team.

Linda McGovern   

The teacher training was information packed with hands on experience to help it all sink in. I was lucky enough to attend with Lillian herself and she is an inspiration. He wealth of knowledge and passion is infectious. A well resourced and systematic program that sets students up to succeed.

Marie Johnson   

Dr Lillian Fawcett's Multisensory Literacy Course shared a wealth of relevant information and teaching strategies. Cracking the ABC Code Workshop is an absolute gem for English Literacy Educators who teach students who are struggling with reading and writing, whether this is due to conditions such as dyslexia, processing impairment, trauma or learning English as a Second Language. Fabulous for Pre Primary and Primary Teachers, Secondary School Teachers, Private Tutors, Adult Literacy Educators and parents! Highly recommended. I feel I have definitely acquired a whole new set of teaching skills! Thank you Dr Lillian Fawcett.

Karin Lwin   

I have been a classroom teacher for over 25 years, a Learning Support teacher for over 6 years and a private tutor at various times throughout my career. I have looked for a programme that would systematically and explicitly teach my students how to 'crack the code' of English and have always come up short.... Until now. I am so excited about seeing how the lives of my students with learning differences will be changed for the better as they are given the keys to success through the this programme. Thank you Lillian for developing such an exciting programme. I look forward to telling you of my students success stories in the future.

Janine Ryan