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This course was excellent in laying the foundations for the subsequent courses. It provided me with information, strategies and resources that will be extremely beneficial for my students. I feel I have sufficient notes and support from Lillian to go back to, if I need clarification. The online nature of the course works well for busy teachers as it could be easily completed at times that suited me. I particularly like the embedding of visuals and the discrimination activities in the hearing sounds resource.
Thanks Lilian.


Great module with practical, clear, and easy-to-follow instructions. Really helps boost the confidence in teaching this level.


I found this course very well organised and appreciated the explicit instructions and theoretical evidence-based explanations behind some key strategies. The videos brought the strategies to life. I am looking forward to completing other modules and having the support of Lillian if required.


The information in this online module is well set out and easy to follow. It covers the assessments needed to ensure your student is placed in the correct level. I love that I can go back to the videos in the online units and check againthing I am unsure of. Great unit.

Lynda Hamersley   

I feel confident after the attending the workshop. It has clear explanations with examples and demonstrations of activities that I can follow and apply with learners


I found the information in this module well explained the information is based on research and is evidence based. I was offered help if I needed it. I am looking forward to the next module.


Fabulous module. Very practical and engaging and easy to follow! Highly recommend!

Helen French   

Lillian has developed an informative, practical and systematic approach to implementing literacy intervention. By the completion of this course, I felt confident to implement the ABC Code and am looking forward to the future modules.


I appreciated the detail to which Lillian went to, to demonstrate how to set up the program for the students as well even the testing and how to do this prior to starting the Level 1 program. Very comprehensive. Thank you.


After completing this section of the course, I feel confident in recommending it to other educators. The video instruction is supportive and clearly sequenced. The PowerPoint notes accompanying the video save so much time and enrich note taking. Really helpful. Can’t wait to get started.


The Reading Level 1 Workshop was easy to follow and understand. Lillian guided me through everything I would need to know to implement a Level 1 intervention with my students. Thank you!

Jessica Zippel   

The level one on-line workshop is the perfect follow up to the one day cracking the ABC code course. It is very logical and easy to follow. Thanks Lillian!

Ruth S   

I am finding the course very engaging and am excited to complete to obtain a competence to implement it as soon as possible. Having all the resources available to me in one location is extremely convenient and having Dr Fawcett on hand for any questions and assistance gives me confidence in the programs success.

Cindy Evans   

Due to work commitments, I had a 2 month gap between the very inspiring one day workshop and the online courses. Hence I had a few queries (and needed a little scaffolding!) to start to the Level 1 course. Lillian answered all my questions quickly and efficiently and before I knew it I was back in the saddle and was making the links with the workshop.


Thorough, clear explanations, highly structured, research based evidence provided, visual demonstrations given, support always available


I loved the On - line Reading Level 1 Workshop! Dr Lillian explained each part very well and shows explicitly how do each part step by step.

I love that we can go back and watch the videos as many times as needed so we can consolidate our learning and implement the program really well. Having sections of the teaching modelled is excellent because I will be able to model my practise on Dr Lillian's examples.
I found the quizzes at the end of each section so helpful. It really helped me to make sure I was comprehending each section and it really highlighted the key learnings.
The modifications section was so practical and realistic. I was wondering how individual learners might be catered for - it was explained and shown so well!
I feel confident knowing that when the time comes, I can come back and watch these videos to implement the program well. Excellent course! Thank you!

Carmel Finnegan   

This course gave me a thorough understanding of Multisensory Reading Level 1. Lillian used excellent practical applications to reinforce skills within each module, whilst providing flawless detailed structure and resources to enable the implementation of a successful program.