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I really enjoyed this workshop. It is the first workshop I've done with this program even though my child, through school, has been using this program for a few years now. I found it very helpful and would highly recommend any parent using this program, even through school, to invest in the workshop. You and your child will get so much more out the program this way. The workshop gives you so much more information than just using the instructions in the front of the book and expands on so many different things in relation to our complex English Language. I can't recommend the training enough and have seen such benefit in my child in using this program. Lilian is such an amazing author/curriculum writer and has been very helpful when I have had questions relating to the program. We only took up the spelling this year and I think it is so good. Using as many senses as possible to really get the word down. Thanks so much for all your effort in putting this program together you are changing the lives of children.

Rachel S   

There was a lot of useful information in this workshop.

We really found the syllabification strategy for decoding useful and a light bulb moment for my husband who is an undiagnosed dyslexic.


I have just completed the On-line Level 3 Workshop. I have found it to be a vital tool in helping me to implement the multi-sensory program with my children. There is a lot of information in the workshop and found I needed to write down a significant amount of notes (that's just what I need to do to retain information). However, in saying that, the workshop is available for 6 months and I'm sure I will be revisiting it often. The information is very succinct with great examples provided to explain each concept. Just one small thing I found missing was an explanation of the story to go with the /sh/ picture in Unit 4. I'm a bit unsure how to explain this picture story to my children. All of the other picture stories were explained beautifully. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this workshop.