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A thorough detailed course-that after 23 years of teaching I am still learning new things! This needs to embedded in teaching degrees. Videos, instructions, examples and pace of delivery were appreciated. Thank you Lillian.


The online tutorials provided the scaffolding I needed to unpack the material of a well researched and structured approach to language literacy. Thankyou Lillian.


It is one thing to know the research behind reading and spelling - it is another to be able to put it all together in a coherent, integrated format that works so well for both the student and the teacher. Dr Lillian Fawcett has achieved this in her abccrackingthecode programmes.


Clear, explicit instruction with a wealth of information put together in easy to follow, well paced videos. Having done the face-to-face workshop, this was a great additional resource to further develop my knowledge & skills and work through at my own pace. I picked up many tips to use with my own students. Thank you Lillian.


I am so impressed with whole structure and content of the course. The videos are fantastic. The support from Lilian amazing. I have really enjoyed studying this way. This is an invaluable resource and I highly recommend it.

Lynda Hamersley   

This course is extremely detailed. It provides precise step by step details on how to do every aspect of the Multisensory Reading Programs as well as why each area is important. You will also learn how to assist parents and how to modify the program for students who are excelling or struggling.


Participating in the Cracking the ABC Code course has completely transformed my approach to teaching reading and spelling. Lillian has developed an extremely user friendly resource for teachers. Further, the support provided by Lillian herself is amazing. I can’t recommend this course highly enough.

Emily Hiley   

Lillian Fawcett's Cracking the ABC Code workshop is inspiring,motivational and offers insightful strategies to deliver Multi Sensory foundations in both teaching and learning. I have practiced both what I have learned through the workshops and what I have revisited through Lillian Fawcett's resources, in both a classroom environment and my one on one private literacy tutoring sessions, to great achievement for my students (aged 9 to 18). As a practitioner of Cracking the ABC Code Multi Sensory learning, I have enabled parents to also engage in teaching their children a stress free way to apply learning to read, spell and write through using this program. Cracking the ABC Code holds a teaching system and a learning philosophy that greatly reduces the anxiety presented in children and teenagers who struggle with the fundamentals of language literacy.

Karin Lwin   

This was a comprehensive course like no other! I love the structure of Lillian's program, multidimensional, multisensory and insightful. I love the picture cues - it supports students brilliantly - my student is grasping concepts quicker and with more clarity. The rules book and flashcards are quick and easy to use (once prepped). I really appreciate Dr Lillian's willingness to engage in conversation. To you I say, 'chapeau' & a huge thank you!!

Patricia Sabourin   

The online course includes a step by step approach to implement the Level 3 reading program, complete with videos which help cement relevant teaching methods. Lillian provides evidence-based research to support the multisensory structured approach and is always happy to provide support. I highly recommend the course to parents and teachers.

Anna T   

Lillian has a great way of explaining and providing visuals for rules and concepts that can be difficult for teachers and students to remember. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Lillian.


This was a brilliant course and very easy to navigate. The strategies and explanations are very clear, and I can already see how these will benefit my students. The depth of detail and resources to support the program are excellent. My understanding of language rules and best practice for delivering this instruction has been greatly enhanced. Thank you Lillian


I would highly recommend this program to committed parents who are actively engaged in improving their child’s literacy capabilities.


Even though I have been teaching for many years, I have found this course to one of the most practical and useful I've been a part of. I feel it will transform the way I teach. Thank you.


Dr Fawcett provides a comprehensive set of resources, strategies, and approach to support teachers in assisting their students. I look forward to using her program with my students.


Excellent course.The explicit teaching videos are first rate. Excellent knowledge of reading theory and the pedological basis the course is built on is first rate. Would be an excellent course for all Primary teachers to complete. I particularly liked the analogy of learning to read is like learning a musical instrument. Lillian has put together a first rate course


This is a wonderful resource. Explanations are clear with eloquent detail. Teaching videos clarify the process. Step by step lesson instruction is excellent. I particularly liked the breakdown in Unit 5 of all the graphemes and teaching techniques given. Lillian displays a thorough depth of understanding and knowledge of the structure of the English language in its written form. Thank you Lillian.

Judy Sakalidis   

Having recently completed the on-line course, I have a further appreciation of Lillian and all the work she has put into developing this program, and explaining the rational and implementation of it in such detail. It was a very valuable consolidation of the workshop which I had already completed.Thank you Lillian!

Yvonne Withington   

The Cracking the ABC Code resources are amazing. The workshop is comprehensive, providing clear instructions for teaching reading and spelling. Lillian's breadth of knowledge is so valuable, as she explains the rationale behind specific techniques and processes. The workshop has given me a much deeper insight into the psychology of learning and it has highlighted how important a multi sensory approach is. Thankyou Lillian for your constant support!!

Molly Houlihan   

An incredible wealth of knowledge put into an amazing program. Highly recommend for parents and teachers alike. Thank you Lillian

Julie Cockman   

This program is amazing I am a retired teacher and I wish this was taught at UNI I enter my first classroom totally unprepared and unsupported this program is teaching me things I didn't know I can't wait to help children who are struggling to break the code. I applaud you Lillian