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Why this sort of information is not taught in university is a mystery to me. The cracking the ABC Code spelling program addresses all the core elements of sound spelling teaching. It provides easy to understand explanations and memory hooks through which to make sense of the complexities of English language spelling AND by which to remember the conventions and rules. The pedagogy includes various systematic and cumulative activities to repeat and practise what is being taught to a point of mastery, an essential element of learning to read and spell. I rate it five stars. It is a must do for all teachers and a godsent for parents interested in helping their children navigate through the essentials of reading and writing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Lillian.


Very thorough & practical. It was great to be able to view the content being modelled with students for visual learners. Thank you


The multisensory spelling program is excellent. The program is set out in a logical easy to follow way. The RulesRule handbook is an essential part of the program is presented in a professional and easy to understand manner. Lillian provides many examples and real-life videos that support the learner to deepen their knowledge and improve their teaching confidence. I highly recommend this program to anyone working with children who need that extra support with spelling.

Pauline Beal   

As a mum of two children with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, living in a regional town, it has been essential to self educate and assist my children to allow them to reach their own true potentials within an educational setting. Cracking the ABC Reading Code has been the resource I have needed. The On-line spelling workshop I did find very helpful to assist with embarking upon delivery of intervention from a home base. It was daunting and overwhelming and I was challenged by the depth of the material, however it has given me even more insight into how to really help my boys.

Belinda Pike   

This course is a thorough, informative and essential addition to any CABCC teacher's toolkit! Having been initially trained some years ago, I felt I needed a refresher in the area of delivering the spelling component of the program and am so grateful to Lillian for providing such on-going support to teachers. I now feel more motivated and much better equipped as I continue to offer students assistance in improving this aspect of their literacy intervention.


This is a well presented course with a mix of theory and practice in the teaching of spelling. Sure to make a difference in my teaching and the student's learning both in the classroom and individual intervention programs.

Jane Emmerson   

Dr Lillian's spelling workshops are extremely comprehensive. Extensive in detail the delivery of the units and instructions are conducive to learning and a 'must do' for all teachers, whether only just starting your educational career or have been an educator for some time. Highly recommended!


Fantastic. I have been teaching multi sensory reading and spelling for a long time. I picked up so many more valuable hints and tricks. Also learnt some new info that I had not heard before. Well worth the time, effort and cost. Thankyou so much.


Dr Lillian's spelling program is very comprehensive with lots of rules, information and strategies to implement. I have found the spelling strategies easy to implement and excited to see my students so engaged in their learning along with some immediate success noted. Dr Lillian was happy to answer any questions I had during the workshop and for me to reach out to her with any future questions or concerns. The only thing I found a little annoying were the number of emails I received after I completed a quiz. A small inconvenience given the success my students are experiencing. I recommend the spelling workshop to any teacher or parent wanting to improve their student's spelling.


As a final year student majoring in Primary Education, I wish this course to be part of the English teaching units in university training pre-service teachers because it will benefit new teachers to plan and teach English with great confidence. Cracking the ABC Code provided systematic 34+ rules on how to teach students letters and sounds by engaging students in visual cues and children’s rhymes. Practical step-by-step teaching strategies and handy reciprocal sheets and cards are meticulously designed to enable students to apply these rules in their spelling. Dr Fawcett’s explanation in the slides and videos is thorough and explicit, along with the detailed questions for the different modules, the phonological terms explained by drawings and short stories, teaching approaches such as colour coding and visual reminds, and the directions on how to print the best effect cards. I am due on my final internship and prac at the end of this month; I feel fortunate to have Cracking the ABC Code as a powerful tool in my toolkit to teach my Year Four students.

Hong Cao   

Outstanding workshop with a wealth of in-depth information that demystifies the orthographic complexity related to English spelling. This is an invaluable resource that you will want to revisit time and time again in order to consolidate your own knowledge base. As with all of Lillian’s presentations, clear, logical delivery with accompanying videos showcasing the program in action. I cannot recommend highly enough!

Lois Nunes   

I am both a highly experienced classroom teacher and a "Cracking the ABC Code" teacher, however I came away from this outstanding workshop with a deeper understanding of the concepts and strategies that underpin a "complete" spelling program. I have already replayed some sections in order to refine my delivery of the spelling program both in and out of the classroom continuing to add to my knowledge. Lillian's modelling of the strategies using her actual students, was a highlight for me as it consolidated how it can be delivered in a real-life situation. Even though this program is used mainly in an intervention setting, my strong recommendation is that all Australian primary school principals offer this wonderful workshop to their staff, to enable all teachers to have the knowledge and understandings of how students best learn how to spell. A must-see!

Christine Nowotny   

This was an incredibly helpful course and took the time to explain how to use the spelling resources as well as providing helpful demonstrations. In particular, I really enjoyed the in depth analysis of the Rules and how they should be implemented throughout our teaching.