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I am both a highly experienced classroom teacher and a "Cracking the ABC Code" teacher, however I came away from this outstanding workshop with a deeper understanding of the concepts and strategies that underpin a "complete" spelling program. I have already replayed some sections in order to refine my delivery of the spelling program both in and out of the classroom continuing to add to my knowledge. Lillian's modelling of the strategies using her actual students, was a highlight for me as it consolidated how it can be delivered in a real-life situation. Even though this program is used mainly in an intervention setting, my strong recommendation is that all Australian primary school principals offer this wonderful workshop to their staff, to enable all teachers to have the knowledge and understandings of how students best learn how to spell. A must-see!

Christine Nowotny   

Outstanding workshop with a wealth of in-depth information that demystifies the orthographic complexity related to English spelling. This is an invaluable resource that you will want to revisit time and time again in order to consolidate your own knowledge base. As with all of Lillian’s presentations, clear, logical delivery with accompanying videos showcasing the program in action. I cannot recommend highly enough!

Lois Nunes   

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