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I really enjoyed doing the writing course. Lillian has set it out in a very easy and structured format like her other workshops. It was very informative, and very comprehensive. The quiz at the end of each section reinforces what you have learnt and they were enjoyable to complete. Lillian has thought of everything with having videos to watch as well being able to download powerpoint slides to have a look at again at a later stage. I have learnt so much doing this workshop. Thank you so much.

Colleen Stephens   

Lillian's Writing Workshop was informative, practical and very easy to follow on-line. I am excited about using the innovative strategies and resources to engage my students and help them experience success in their writing!


Another informative module put together by Lillian. It was very easy to follow. I particularly liked the example videos with the students. The powerpoint slides which are available to download are also a fantastic reference point when teaching.
I would recommend it to all teachers wanting some strategies to help students struggling with writing.

Caterina Napoli   

Simple and comprehensive. I'm looking forward to teaching the writing components of Cracking the ABC Code.


Wonderful to watch another teacher demonstrating a live lesson. The videos demonstrates the subtleties of timing in teaching the process and how far to assist a student with prompts. Excellent back up for the theory presented. The module - as with others, is well thought out and practical. A supportive module with plenty of opportunity to go back over information and processes presented. As an experienced teacher, it is refreshing to learn and a new method to reach students struggling with some aspects of learning. Thanks Lillian for your dedication and untiring efforts to "Crack the Code" !

Judy Sakalidis   

Very clearly organised information and easy to understand; the video components were particularly helpful. I look forward to using this with my own children and with students!


I learnt so many useful strategies about how to teach writing to students. There was a good balance of explicit instruction and demonstration of techniques. This course clearly shows an experienced teacher at work. The resources I bought will save me a lot of time. Thank you Lillian.

Anna Taylor   

"You only know what you know!" Hopefully I now know more about assisting students who aren't accessing writing in school.

We take for granted that kids come to school knowing things but in this ever changing society sadly many children haven't developed a lovely, rich vocabulary.

The writing course has given me great ideas on how to scaffold my teaching better.

Leia Simpkins   

If you have ever wondered how to incorporate an effective writing program to assist those who struggle with writing skills, then look no further! We all know that writing is a complex process that involves multiple steps. Dr Lillian Fawcett has come up with a structured program, which gets students writing nearly every day. With the support of trained parents, effective strategies are introduced in a logical manner, providing excellent scaffolding for the most reluctant of writers. This course was brilliant! I am so excited to get this program underway!

Lois Nunes   

This course provides some very useful strategies and a structured tutoring program to support students achieve success with their writing. I'm looking forward to implementing it with my students.


I have thoroughly enjoyed completing this workshop. I am looking forward to implementing this well structured plan. The course was logically sequenced and the resources available will ensure it's fidelity.

Cindy Evans   

I thoroughly enjoyed completing the CABCC On-line Writing Workshop and learnt so much in the process. The information is very comprehensive covering all the crucial strategies required in teaching the different writing programs. Lillian has clearly structured the workshop with useful steps about how each lesson with a student would be implemented. The multiple choice quiz at the end of each module ensures you have gained an excellent understanding of all the concepts covered. The downloadable PowerPoint slides are ideal for taking notes and reflecting on at a later stage.

Libby Gerritsma   

Lillian has put together a well sequenced module to assist all students who struggle to write persuasively and/or creatively. What I really like about this method is that students now have a well structured model to follow. The video clips were very easy to follow. Having a student to demonstrate the process also assisted to embed how it looks. Congratulations Lillian on another fine module which will assist so many students. Your work is amazing and I often ask myself what did we do before Cracking the ABC Code was developed.


What a fantastic course! There are some very useful strategies to support struggling writers. The program is highly structured and step-by-step, exactly what's required by students who need extra help with writing. I liked the way all aspects of writing were addressed. From generating ideas and organising a plan to writing at a sentence, paragraph and whole text level, there's support for all writers. A great program, Lillian!

Bridget Kelly