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Incredibly informative and packaged comprehensively. I believe everyone would have taken away some useful information


Great workshop - really practical and useful information


I am a parent of a dyslexic child. I found the course very fast paced but informative. It was very helpful and I am starting to implement some of the ideas already. Lillian really knows this area like the back of her hand and comes from an evidenced based perspective which I value greatly. Thank you.


The parent literacy workshop taught me a lot of things even I didn't know!!


My teaching partner and I attend a workshop recently. We found it beneficial and useful, with good resources available. I loved how it was actually pitched more for parents though, because without their input at home, the 'struggling' readers continue to do so. Well done Lillian, thanks.

Sharron Matthews   

I learned a lot in this workshop and I am looking forward to using some of these strategies with my children. It was money well spent


So happy that I attended the workshop. It was definitely worthwhile. Useful and practical information for both spelling and reading concerns. Went home feeling like I can make a change with your program - so many things just made sense. Thank you for your time and knowledge sharing Lillian


I attended your workshop and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been singing your praises to everyone! My sons teacher also attended and we have been implementing it on his classroom with success.


I came to the workshop hoping I could help my son, it was amazing what I learnt for myself.
Feeling like putting just some of the simple ideas into practice, has already made a difference in under a week.
Thank you.


This workshop was meant for parents but as an educator I certainly learnt an excellent approach to teach spelling and I look forward to adopting it in my classroom. Lillian certainly is the real thing and she knows her content. It is delivered in a concise, practical but fun way. So pleased I went along to the presentation.

Trish Ghirardello   

I found the answers I was looking for - well worth attending.


There was much positive conversation regarding your presentation in the week following the evening of your parent literacy presentation. We all came away more informed!

Bev Innes - Hollywood Primary Principal   

Gained further clarity on how I as a parent can support my child through his struggles with literacy. Really love and support the concepts that you shared and have seen the benefits your program has made on my child.


I walked away from this workshop feeling positive and with the understanding that I can help my children become better readers and spellers


Thank you for providing such an informative workshop full of practical information. It provided me with some further insight into the material from your books and I walked away with some strategies that I am starting to implement. Thank you.


Your knowledge and passion really shine through.


Thank you - I really found this workshop helpful.


Thank's Lillian, I feel so lucky to have access to your expertise. I learnt more in your workshop over 2.5 hours than in a lifetime of schooling. I know I will be able to make a difference to my sons learning.

Liz Kitching   

Excellent workshop. Lots of information, which was hard to take in at times. But great presenter and helpful practical tips.

Author *Michelle   

It was a a great workshop to attend and so beneficial. It is so tough being a parent of a dyslexic child and it reinforced that that all the work I already do with my child is well worthwhile and it was the boost I needed to just keep going using some of the new knowledge I gained from the workshop. Thank you Lillian !


This was a helpful and informative workshop. It was lovely to walk away with new techniques and practical ideas. Thanks Lillian.


Great workshop - parents need more of this information.