Multisensory Reading Program Level 1


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The Multisensory Reading Program Level 1 book is designed to teach non-readers to instantly recognise the common sound represented by the 26 letters of the alphabet so they are able to rapidly decode familiar and unfamiliar words which use letters that have a direct sound-symbol correlation (e.g., cat, men, rug).  The program consists of 5 interlinking sections: key word and picture, letter identification, vocabulary development, oral reading and auditory process/phonological awareness.  The book systematically introduces each letter using a range of memory and multisensory strategies. Students also learn how to read simple sound-out words plus 12 high frequency words. Suitable for young children who have not yet learned to read and do not know the sounds of the alphabet.

This is the Australian version.  Please note there is also an American version.

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