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Thank you Dr Fawcett for an inspiring and incredibly useful workshop. This should be in every teacher's college for student teachers to learn how to teach writing from the get go! After 35 years, I am still learning new things. You are an inspiration. Thank you for teaching this old dog new tricks! I particularly liked the write the first initial of each word sentence idea. This would work really well for those reluctant writers, I feel. I wholeheartedly agree with you in regards to the in class testing of writing. It is a sad state of affairs when the joy of learning the craft of writing has been sucked out in a system that is completely stuck in a testing cycle.
Thank you for your honesty and your brilliance in teaching the craft in an enjoyable way. Both teacher and kid friendly. I can't thank you enough for reigniting my passion for teaching writing with less emphasis on testing and more on the craft itself. Thank you again. A worthwhile workshop in every way.